dark black magic: chapter 37: love shatters

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Rayne POV

I never understood the pain of mortal men as they killed themselves for the ones they have loved or lost. Whenever I witnessed love it always brought about a childish wonderment. Demons cannot feel love, but they do observe its power and effect.

I remember the moment I was bound to Skyler, suddenly everything in the world melted away and there was only her. For the first time in my life I actually cherished something, and the feelings I have for her are so strong. When she loved me- if she ever loved me- I felt I could move mountains and take on Hell's army. But when she took her love away I was left with this crippling hollow void inside that penetrates every fragment of my existence. How can I forget love after centuries of being alone- I'd rather die. The worst torture in Hell could not compare to a fraction of the loneliness and pain that I would have to endure without her. This is why I will become obsolete. I will disappear into non-existence and she will forget about me. I couldn't stop myself imagining her entwined in Greg's arms, smiling and laughing with him. Giving him her soul, her kisses, her body.  

The priest entered the basement with an exorcist.

"Please hurry and end my misery." I said quietly to the exocist.

"Wait, stop." A voice squeaked.

Bea ran into the room like Tinkerbell on a mission. She ran to my side,

"Rayne you got to get up. Skyler needs you."

"She sent me away. I know about her and Greg."

"Loki tricked you. He's kidnapped Skyler and taken her away."

Suddenly I felt heart strengthen. A glimmer of hope flickered across my face.


"He told Skyler that you were having an affair with a vampire called Sophie."

I couldn't believe my ears, I had been a complete fool. Loki wanted Skyler's soul so badly he would resort to cheap tricks? Getting up I healed myself fully. Turning to the exocist I said cordially,

"I won't be needing your services," then I turned to the young priest, "I have to small matter to discuss with you."

Grabbing him by the throat I lifted him off his feet,

"The girl you slept with, Stephanie, is under my protection. Touch her again and I will kill you."

I dropped him to the floor and turned to Bea,

"Let's go and rescue Skyler."

"What about the others?"

"We don't need them." I said grabbing Bea and shimmering into Loki's palace.

Skyler POV

Loki appeared in my bedroom again with a beautiful white wedding gown. Throwing it at me he ordered me to put it on. I threw it back at him.

"I will never wear that." I said.

"If you do not put that on now I will go and find your little friend Stephanie and rip her heart out."

"I don't believe you. I know you slept with her."

"Skyler I have no human ethical hang ups. Morals are a concept I do not understand."

"I still don't believe you."

"Fine." He snapped disappearing then reappearing with Stephanie.

He held her against the wall, his hand hovered over her heart. Stephanie was screaming.

"Stop!!" I yelled picking up the dress.

Loki dropped Stephanie to the ground.

"Good girl. Stephanie can be your maid of honour."

"What the hell, Loki!" Stephanie snapped.

"We are having a wedding and you have just become a bridesmaid." Loki smiled.

"Have you lost your mind? I might be having your baby?" She cried.

My jaw hit the floor. Stephanie was pregnant? Loki shrugged,

"If you behave yourself I will make you the royal concubine."

Stephanie angrily spat on Loki's face. His expression darkened. Grabbing Stephanie I shielded her,

"Don't you dare touch her." I warned.

Loki laughed at my threat. He swaggered forward,

"Nobody spits on me. I will eat her heart for that."

Suddenly the bedroom door burst into a thousand pieces and Bea ran in. Loki almost burst into hysterics.

"They sent a fucking fairy after me?"

"Don't underestimate me!" she snapped at him.

"Human heart for dinner and fairy wings for dessert."

Bea lunged at him flinging what looked like glitter into his face. Loki staggered back rubbing his eyes.

"What was that stuff?" Stephanie asked.

"Kai's body glitter. Follow me." Bea said.

We ran out the bedroom into the hallway, Loki came running after us. He was much quicker and stronger. He didn't even need to run with his teleporting skills but for some reason he humoured us. Bea darted around a corner and chanted a few words. Circles of toadstools sprouted up from the ground.

"What are those?" I asked.

"Fairy rings." Bea replied.

Glancing over my shoulder I saw Loki step in a fairy ring. It seemed to slow him down a little. Angirly he cursed, "Screw this!" He shimmered into nothingness. As he reappeared in front of us so did someone else. My heart gave a heavy thud.

"Rayne." I whispered.

Rayne stood in front of us staring a Loki who had gone pale.

"Rayne, wait." Loki stammered.

But Rayne didn't, he produced Matthias's sword swung it at Loki's neck. I placed my hands over Stephanie's eyes and closed my own. There were two loud thuds as the body then the head hit the ground. Opening my eyes I let Stephanie go. Rayne stood apprehensively watching me.

"Do you still want me?" He asked.

"I never stopped wanting you." I said, my eyes filling with tears.

Rayne dropped the sword and flung his arms around me pulling me tightly against him.

"I'm sorry," I cried. "I'll never send you away again."

Rayne held me tighter, his wings folded around me. My chest felt like it was going to burst. Kissing me gently on the lips he said,

"I almost died for you tonight."

I balled my fist up and thumped his chest,

"Why would you be so stupid!"

"Because I'm in love." Rayne replied.

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