dark black magic: chapter 27 fat dave

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Rayne POV

Skyler flitted around the store completely unaware of my presence. The last couple of days I had felt like I was invisible to her. All she did was hang around with her new friends and worry about that Stephanie kid. It made me feel bitter inside. I was never good at making people and demons understand me so I didn't know how to get her attention. Dissolving out the store in a fine mist I travelled through the town into the local library. My great idea was to use the library's computer to get relationship advice- the only flaw to my plan is that I've never used a computer in my life. Hell had been untouched by the digital revolution. I walked into to the library and saw a long table with computers lined along it. Passing the front desk I headed to an empty computer. 

"Excuse me?" An elderly woman's voice rasped. "You must sign this form to use our machines." 

Irritably I scrawled my name on her wretched paper and headed to my computer. Sitting down in front of it I poked at the screen. Serveral people gave me an odd look. This is harder than it looks- how do I get onto the internet? I leaned towards the monitor and whispered, "Internet, please." 

The screen turned black then a large message reading 'library' scrolled across the screen. This wasn't working. Impatiently I drummed my fingers against the desk.

"Hey, I can show you how a computer works."

I looked up and saw a teenage girl grinning at me. 

"Thanks, I'd appreciate it." I replied. 

The girl clapped her hands, "Only on one condition though- you have to buy me lunch." 

A fair exchange, I thought as I nodded my head. 

"My name's Judy, what's yours?" The girl said sitting down next to me. 

"Rayne." I replied. 

Judy giggled weirdly, "Is that your real name?" 

Why did humans find it so hard to believe Rayne is my real name? Suppressing a groan I nodded and Judy responded with a sharp squeal. 

"That's so cool!" she exclaimed hammering on the keyboard. 

"A name is a name." I shrugged. 

"Oh totally." 


"So what do you want to know?" 

"I need to know how to impress a girl and dating ideas." I said. 

Judy turned bright red and her eyes seemed to glaze over. What was wrong with her? 

"You don't need to ask a website for advice- you could just ask me." she replied fluttering her lashes. 

I opened my mouth to ask her a question but the librarian interrupted me. 

"This is a place of silence!" She snapped like a some nun in a chapel. 

Judy rolled her eyes and grabbed my hand, "Let's go somewhere more- personal." 

She lead me out the library to a seedy café across the road. A broken neon sign flickered in the window 'Fat Dave's Grill'. Fat Dave was behind the counter flipping burgers with a cigarette hanging out his mouth sprinkling ash across the food.  

"Don't order the burgers." Judy whispered as we sat down at the table. I wasn't intending on eating any food on the premises, I could hear several coakroaches scuttling about in the kitchen. A tired waitress approached the table and gazed over her note book at me. Her eyes lit up and color tinged her cheeks. She quickly tucked a loose wave of hair behind her ear, "Hey there! What can I get ya?" She beamed at me, totally ignoring Judy.  

Judy sharply coughed drawing the waitress' attention to her, "Could we have two chocolate shakes and two slices of strawberry cheesecake." 

The waitress pressed her lips together slightly annoyed and darted off. Judy watched her with baleful eyes then turn her attention to me. "Dumb waitress is old enough to be your Grandama!" She snapped. 

I didn't know what she meant nor did I care to find out. Bluntly I cut through the chitchat and said- "I want this girl to fall in love with me and I want her to fall hard."  

Judy's eye widen and her breath slowed. Gawping at me she replied, "I think she already has." 

"Really? We haven't known each other long-" 

"Time is meaningless when it is 'the one'." 

"I know but it happened so quick to both of us, I frightened that our realationship is already fizzling out." 

"No, no. I know in my heart that it is strong so strong!" 

The waitress came with our shakes and shot me a smile and a wink before leaving. 

Judy clasped her milkshake, "I never had a boyfriend before," she stuttered, "I never dreamed I would ever have a boyfriend." 

"How lovely. What's a good idea for a first date or a gift." I said uninterested. 

"A romantic boat ride out on the lake and then in under the moonlight a gold locket that symbolizes our love." 

"Sounds a good idea- Skyler would love that." 

"Who's Skyler?" 

"My girlfriend."  

Judy stilled. Her doe eyed expression disappeared as her eyes narrowed and her face hardened. "I bet you thought that was really funny! Men are jerks!" She snapped grabbing her shake and flinging it at me. Chocolate milk dripped down my face as the entire café stared at me. I felt embarrassed for the first time in my life. Looking round the café I could see people smiling and laughing at me- the great demon prince. My temper flared and without even hesitating I said in a demonic voice, "Mention this to anyone and I will eat your souls." 

I didn't mean it but it was good enough to make everyone in the restaurant run out in panic and fear. Even Fat Dave made an attempt to haul himself over the counter. He soon gave up and hid behind the counter. Skyler would be angry if she found out so I left a large sum of cash on the table to cover the bill and any damages. 

"Sorry." I said as I left the café and headed to the jewellers. 

Girls were weird- it wasn't just human girls, demonic women were like that too.  

I turned the into the jewellers and sensed the presence of another demon. Loki- another Prince of Hell who had tried to steal Skyler away from me. Admiring a diamond encrusted watch Loki chatted pleasantly to the jeweller. I stood staring at him wondering if he had noticed me. 

"Rayne, darling, don't stand in the door way and pout." Loki said. 

I hated him. I wanted to kill him. He was a threat to Skyler.  

"What are you doing here?" I said. 

"Enjoying the little real life soap opera this town has to offer- did you know Mr. Willis here has a one on one bible study with Reverend Grimes every Friday night." 

The jeweller, Mr. Willis jaw dropped. Loki winked at him. 

"And I know you don't really study the bible and that's why you're going to give me this watch and Mrs. Willis will never find out about your dirty secret." 

Willis shoved the watch at Loki.  

Irritably I snapped, "What are you doing here?" 

Loki admired his diamond watch, "Did you know Skyler's brother is in town looking for her?"

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