Dark Black Magic: Chapter 11- WANTED

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Rayne POV

My eyes lingered on the front door which Skyler had just slammed shut a few seconds ago. She had been unusually quick to excuse herself after Loki's theatrical display of affection towards me. A small glimmer of hope flickered deep within my chest, and even though I hated Loki, I was grateful to him for making her jealous.

Loki's arm's quickly dropped down from my neck the moment he realised there was no audience watching. That was Loki's talent, he knew how to get under a person's skin without really ever knowing them, he just seemed to sense what would upset them and for that reason Loki was a brilliantly evil demon.

Loki walked across the room remarking humorously, "Did you see the look on her face?" I watched in cautiously pretending to be indifferent to his presence. Loki wasn't exactly the type of demon I wanted to pick a fight with. Feigning boredom I asked flatly, "Loki, what are you doing here in the stix?"

A smile broke across Loki's face. He sensed the game I was trying to play, "So you do like her," he tutted. "A romance between a demon and a mortal is destined to fail Rayne. When she dies you can't exactly follow her to the pearly gates. Heaven can't stomach our kind."

"You are so good at what you do Loki but it does not affect me." I say coolly. Loki arches an eyebrow, "I'm not trying to insult you darling, just merely highlight a few inconvenient truths." he shrugs nonchalantly. Normally I got on with Loki, but suddenly I was really starting to hate the man. I forced I smile and replied, "Well I have seventy years to try and figure something out before we cross that bridge."

Loki was trying to get under my skin using Skyler and I couldn't figure out why. So many things about Loki's unannounced visit did not add up. Loki was a high class demon and he had servants and minions to do his bidding. Loki did not simply do something himself... not unless he was ordered to by the big boss.

"Loki," I asked softly, "Why were you sent here?" The smile on Loki's face widened and he pulled out a silver cigarette case and politely inquired, "May I smoke." He pulled out a cigarette case and lit it with a single flame from his finger. Pulling himself up on to the kitchen counter he said, "Since you have left the proverbial shit has hit the proverbial fan. Do you remember that half breed nut job raving about her bastard child being some kind of anti-Christ?"

"Yes I remember her. She came to me ranting about her child. I didn't believe her and sent her away. She said that her unborn would raise an army and destroy mankind bringing about a new era. She wanted my protection from those who would harm her unborn son." I said recalling the desperate woman's pleas for protection.

"Well I just thought she was the typical garden variety loon until I got news from the big boss that there is a prophecy kicking about that says something along the lines of crazy half breed gets knocked up and gives birth to demonic messiah who will end the age of man etc. Which needless to say has caused a little bit of the rumpus in Hell."

Hell was all power and politics, and the news of a new messiah or antichrist always sent waves of chaos and uprising across the various regions of Hell. Years ago the threat of civil war would have been an exciting prospect to go out and slaughter thousands. The thrill of battle filled my soul with an ecstasy I thought was unobtainable before I met Skyler. Now the threat of war and threaten existence of this world, Skyler's world, filled me with dread.

"Where does His Majesty stand?" I asked.

Loki laughed, "You know the King, there is only one throne in Hell and one Demonic King and he ain't sharing it with no antichrist."

"I thought as much."

"Yeah well, there is more to the prophecy then just the half breed and her son, and this is why I'm sat in your kitchen. This antichrist kid can only succeed if two very special and unique women fail to stop him. Now tell me if this reminds you of someone- a vampire royal who is so powerful that she could slay a demon."

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