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Beyond ~ The Dark Ages by Netta3d
Beyond ~ The Dark Agesby ~Clouder~
~She was beautiful, but you could'nt get past her love for black~ Mavis. Mavis Dain. That was her name...or at least that's what she was told. A normal life. That's what...
Blaqq 🖤 by Labisi_Bells
Blaqq 🖤by Labisi_Bells
"Can I punch her too boss?" "Of course you can.. be my guest"😈 Life as a Female child in Africa.... Nigeria to be precise✌️🏾✌️🏾
Judy by LeboNedz
Judyby Lebo Nedz
Judy finds her life harder after the los of her mother. She makes it through high school without any guides to help her find herself. On her journey she will have heartb...
My Friendship Stolen by Mikelsons
My Friendship Stolenby Mickelson
Love story presented by a memories😄🎊
Met Love In Dreams by Avii72
Met Love In Dreamsby Avii72
Story is about a girl clarie who falls in love with a mysterious boy who she seem to see in her dreams and wishes that those dreams would come true. When eventually she...
In between by Mhiz_krystal
In betweenby Mhiz_krystal
Krystal was a diligent secretary and good employer until.....she got to know her new colleague and boss's son both want her
Love Circle by Mercii_Tolulope
Love Circleby Tolu Idowu
"A love story of Samantha and Derek" This is a story of two people who love each other in their own way but still hurt each other so much. As much as they try...
Teenage Life by changedmyacount
Teenage Lifeby Jolex
Raul,Jolex,Roxana,Jomar,Mariel,Lola, Nataly,Edward,Wilfredo,Victor and Linda these are some of the people's lives you're going to hear about see through the eyes of each...
His Lost Moon by cindygemz
His Lost Moonby cindygemz
When Peter lost his fiancée some two years back, he didn't ever expect to heal. Even worse, he built a fortress so high shutting out any form of love or affection. Littl...
The Darkest Feeling by La_u_ra_1
The Darkest Feelingby laura
Nora Ryder is a pretty good girl who have a loving family and caring freinds. She is known to have good grade in her high school and she want to be a pop...
I Fell From The Sky by tuff_mischief
I Fell From The Skyby Motun_rayo
Amy has lived as a human for eighteen years even with the knowledge that she is an alien but what happens when a drool worthy, amazing looking hunk of a man comes to tel...
How Vampires Love by Jennifer27natali
How Vampires Loveby Jennifer27natali
After being exposed to the extraordinary power that Gabrielle blood owns, she and her love ones will be forced to fight to wage an arduous battle against their enemies t...
FATED by rjzhoumi17
FATEDby Reem Jelal
...We live in a world far far away from your planet earth or as we call it Athia. Alec has once shown me a vision of what Athia looks like and to my surprise we are qui...
The Locked Hearts by valentine94
The Locked Heartsby valentine94
Meet Arianna Thomas and Derek Wilson in their emotional battle between their already shattered hearts. Both had very bad past and completely lost hope in relationships a...
star wars the clone wars ANISOKA  by wizardlover6767
star wars the clone wars ANISOKA by wizardlover6767
takes place during the zygerrian episode you'll just have to read to find out what happens
A story with blood🍎,tears😢,time⌛and fire🔥
THE TEENS by _Rebornxx
THE TEENSby Mutiat Penno
" I'll make you love only me, the way you made me fall helplessly for you." Danny is an American who hated the idea of coming to Nigeria because his mum was tr...
Alone In The Shadows  by xanthoprotheism
Alone In The Shadows by xanthoprotheism
"You have to leave now"The renowned wizard said. "Your life is at stake here Kayana." There is an unending battle between the humans and the super hu...