Dark Black Magic: how I accidentally captured a demon prince- chapter 21- kiss

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My back was against the door, I was slumped on the floor watching Rayne coming closer. There was no way I could runaway. I didn't want to run away but some little part of me kept chanting 'you can't loose your virginity like this'. The other ninety percent of me was screaming 'to hell with it''. Rayne was beautiful. The way his black hair flecked across his beautiful gray eyes. Those eyes were fatal. They would catch off guard and hold you. I couldn't move when he was staring at me, my mind would freeze overwhelmed by how beautiful he was.

"I know you're attracted to me." Rayne said kissing my shoulder lightly. "You're drawn to me." He whispered.

I didn't move. I was melting in his hands. I wanted to say something but my mouth had gone dry. His lips against my skin was like tiny sparks of electricity that made me breathless. I pressed the flat of my palm against his chest as a pathetic attempt to try and push him away but he came on stronger lifting me on to his lap. Then for the first time he kissed me. Time and space melted away and I found myself responding to him. My arms wound around his neck and kissed him back. The kisses were gentle at first then becoming more passionate. My whole body was aching for him. He lifted me up and carried me to the bedroom. My dress disappeared somewhere back there along the corridor and strangely I didn't mind. Thoughts of Rayne filled my head, his kisses were harder more possessive. I kept gasping for air unable to keep up. He carried me into the bedroom and laid gently on the bed kissing me. I noticed his jeans laying in a heap in the door way and sudden wave of panic hit me. It's like standing on the edge of black void wondering whether to jump or not, not knowing what lay at the bottom. I stared up at the ceiling as Rayne kissed my neck, his body hard against mine. My hands instinctively ran through his black hair. Greg's warnings kept ringing in my mind but I couldn't imagine myself being with anyone else but Rayne. This didn't feel uncomfortable or awkward like I had imagined when I was younger. The way his skin felt against mine felt natural it was like we were made for each other.

Rayne lifted his head for a moment and gave me a look. I reached up and kissed him over his heart. "I love you." I whispered.

What happened next was a sharp pain followed by waves upon waves of bliss that built up to beautiful crescendo then sleep.

I woke up on Rayne's chest as the first rays of morning crept in. Rayne was still asleep looking like angel. For the first time since Grandma left I felt really happy. Creeping out of bed I gathered up the trail of clothes we left behind and left his folded neatly on the side. I took a shower grabbed a fresh change of clothes and left him a note saying I had gone to work.

Smiling I stepped out the front door and locked up. Greg was already outside position a sandwich board sign outside the store. He glanced and beamed, "Hello Skyler! You're in a good mood!"

I couldn't help but smile- I was in love.

The rest of the morning passed in a blurry haze. Greg showed me around the store and introduced me to Bea. He showed me every item the store stocked and how the cash register worked. I served several customers and advised on what to buy. People remarked how happy I was. I couldn't help smiling to myself when I thought about Rayne. I had never felt like this about anyone in my life. I felt super happy, nothing could ruin my day! Not even Loki and Rudolph.

The afternoon went well too. When it came to close up Bea came up to me. She looked worried and concerned.

"Greg just told me you've got a demon as a pet." She said.

I felt my happy bubble begin to sink. "Rayne's not a pet." I said.

"You should get rid of him. Demons are unpredictable and dangerous."

I wanted this conversation to end right now.

"I'm fine with Rayne." I said and quickly changed the subject.

Suddenly the store bell rang and a customer wandered in. She was a middle aged woman wearing a fur coat and heavy perfume that hit that back of my throat and made me want to gag. Bea looked at her fur coat with a disgusted look before yelling, "Skyler, customer!"

I walked over to the woman who was examining an Ouija board.

"Can I help you?" I asked politely.

She glanced at me in a way that made me feel inferior. Glumly she asked. "Do you have rabbit paws?"

I opened my mouth to speak but Bea intervened. "We do not sell that sort of stuff." She said flatly.

The woman pursed her lips and walked out the store. Bea groaned. "We get a lot people trying to buy animal parts from us. We never sell them. I hate people who use animals alive or dead in their magic. I always make it clear we are not that type of store."

"That's nasty." I agreed.

Greg appeared, "Time to lock up folks." He said jangling the keys.

I couldn't wait to see Rayne.

Kai emerged from his back room. "Can I go home yet?"

"Give me a second to cash up." Greg replied.

Bea grabbed my hand smiling. "I'm so happy you're here! You've been brilliant today."

Greg agreed. "You haven't stop smiling all day Skyler. I think this store suits you."

"I was thinking that too!" Bea laughed.

Happily I replied. "I'm just in a really good mood today!"

At that moment Kai looked directly at me and said. "You slept with him didn't you?"

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