dark black magic: chapter 32: new beginnings

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Matthias POV

Dalton paced the room. His eyes darted between me and Sklyer. His face flipping between anger and worry. The change was done. There was nothing else to do except wait for the girl to wake up. A small voice in the back of my mind whispered- then what? Would she come will us? Would I release her back into the world after killing her lover? I slayed demons while she was in love with one. Skyler had become a huge liability.

Dalton finally broke the silence. "She was our bounty not your dinner." he snapped at me.

A pang of guilt stabbed at me but I pretended not to care. Why had I let my self loose control? Her blood was irrestible- all human blood is irresistible. The smell is the same as looking at a big cold glass of water with ice cubes on a really hot day. The urge is primal. Gently I stroked Skyler's black. Shrugging I replied, "She's alive."

"She is not alive! She in undead." Dalton said.

"But she isn't dead Dalton. For god's sake stop being so over dramatic."

"Our client will arrive at any moment! And they are going to know you have been munching on her!."

"Stop comparing me to an animal."

"Well, you are behaving like one. Your father would never-"

"Stop- right now!" My voice bounced off the walls. Dalton stood rigid, he knew that he had gone to far. We never talk about my father- not since he exiled me.

The hate still filled me with rage- why did he turn his back on his only child? I was born to a human mother and to Death himself. A creature made of both worlds able to live amongst the humans and amongst the dead. I was a Prince of the underworld attending court and parties. My life was care free and easy. Then one day while I was visiting the human world I was bitten. When the vampire bit me I was still a teenager, imagine how terrifying that was. There was these scary changes within me that I had to deal with while being homeless. Dalton and I had gone from spoilt royalty to homeless teens living in cardboard boxes. The cold did not touch me, but Dalton felt it. I can not begin to describe the hate and confusion I held towards my father. I was his only child and he disowned me because I was a vampire. There is no way I can cure my vampirism so I'm hoping to prove to my father that I am not a monster by slaying monsters. I would never beg for his forgiveness but I will show him. The demon scum that inhabit this world must be slain so that I can go home. Picking up my blade I swung it through the air.

"When Rayne shows up"

"Do you have to swing that thing around in here!" Dalton said.

"Relax- I can't hurt myself." I replied. Which was true the blade was magic. It would kill all except me. The blade could never cut me, if I tried it would simple pass through me like a ghost. A very clever sword indeed.

"Show off." Dalton muttered.

"Stay here." I said to Dalton as I heard footsteps and noise outside.

The mill was surrounded by people, I could people chattering and arguing from outside. I soon recognised Rayne's voice. Quietly I crept into the shadows and waited for my time to pounce.

Stephanie POV

Rudolph smirked at me as Aidan appeared out of the bushes with a group of ten werewolves. This guy was supposedly my soul mate- according to Rudolph the vampire I had just slept with. Suddenly all the problems I use to worry about had been eclipsed by these two guys. Honestly I wasn't feeling very romantic tonight. Aidan was out of luck he approached me eagerly.

"Me and my gang will deal with these kidnappers. Stay here. I don't want you getting hurt." Aidan said standing close to me. I inched back uncomfortable with a boy being this close to me.

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