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Hello and welcome to my little corner of the web. Here I serve tea, cake and lots of supernatural romance!

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My name is Vicky Alice and I am a student, writer and cake enthusiast!

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On Wattpad I am most known for writing supernatural romances about vampires, werewolves and other fantastical creatures. My story Married to the Prince of Darkness has over nine and half million reads! All my works can be found on Wattpad.


❤What order is the Imperial Court Saga?

1-Married to the Prince of Darkness
2-My Bloody Fairytale
3-Dark Black Magic
4-The Vampire in the Pink Wedding Dress

❤Do I have to read them in order?

Nope, you can pick and choose what you want to read first :D


While patiently waiting to either :
a) win the lottery
b) marry a millionaire

I have to work and study, and this does not always leave me a lot of time to update.

❤ Can I have a soft copy of your work?

No, and please do not make or share soft copies of my work. IT IS ILLEGAL and it really does not help me as an aspiring author.

❤ OMG can I buy your stories in ebook or paperback?

Although I would love to see my stories in such mediums, I'm sadly not published :(...

❤Where did you get your book covers from?

All my covers are made by my awesome fans.

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Married to the Prince of Darkness #Wattys 2015

Social data: 17.4M reads. 314K votes. 28.4K comments.

Description: Amelia Hayden is busy senior at college with no time for boys, parties or fun. This all changes one Halloween night after she accidentally finds herself at the center of a cruel prank that sees her being offered up to the local legend, the Prince of...

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The Raven Girl

The Raven Girl

4.3M 84.3K 7.3K

Ebony is haunted by the voice of a man who claims she is his long lost bride.

#8 in Paranormal
My Bloody Fairy Tale

My Bloody Fairy Tale

5.2M 110K 9.2K

The new King of the vampire court he is anxious to claim his Queen. Casper has spent centuries waiting...

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Dark Black Magic

Dark Black Magic

6.2M 111K 11.7K

Skyler is the ultimate loner. Raised by her witch Grandmother deep in the forest, Skyler has lived a fri...

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The Vampire in the Pink Wedding Dress

The Vampire in the Pink Wedding Dress

2.9M 47.5K 4.5K

Christie is a vampire with big problems. After marrying the notorious playboy Jacques to escape an arra...

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      Hello angels!!!
      It is day 5 of the wattys 2015 voting for the people's choice award!
      We are coming up to the final push angels and Married to the Prince of Darkness needs your help!!!
      Please show your support by tweeting and retweeting as many votes on twitter! You can vote as many times as you like so please go crazy!!!
      To vote simply share a link to my story Married to the Prince of Darkness with the hashtag #MyWattysChoice
      I will be on twitter all over the weekend answering your questions and retweeting your votes!! :D
      My twitter profile can be found here!!!
       #TeamAngel #TeamLuc #TeamMia
      -Angeltwist xXx
      Thank you for all the birthday messages!!! Xxxx

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Soul_01 posted a message to angeltwist
I <3 your book, Married to the Prince of Darkness! I was just wondering of you could read mine, Dragon Blood. I'd really appreciate it.