Dark Black Magic: how I accidentally captured a demon prince- chapter 14- if looks could kill

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Rayne was going to kill Aidan.

"Stand away from the edge, close your eyes and cover your ears if you think it will bother you." Rayne said.

Greg who had been silently standing in the background came forward, "You can't go down there! There is one of you and twenty of them, you'll be torn apart." He shouted at Rayne who coolly shrugged. "I'm a demon."

Greg's mouth dropped open and hung for a few seconds before he stuttered, "A demon?!?" He turned to me and asked "How did a nice human girl get involved with a demon?"

Sheepishly I replied, "I found him. He was lying in my Grandma's vegetable patch one morning."

Greg was lost for words, bewildered he shook his head and took a few steps back. Rayne in the meantime had been watching Aidan's pack and I was about to reason with him Rayne leapt into the air catching a gust of wind and glided over the tops of the trees. Greg grabbed my arm.

"Skyler, keeping company with a demon is very unwise." He warned.

I scowled at Greg and snapped, "Rayne is about to commit mass murder. My poor choice of company is the last thing on my mind."

Scrambling towards the cliff edge I lowered myself down. Greg grabbed both my wrists this time. "I can't let you do this." He said pulling me.

"Greg, I'm not about to let all those werewolves get killed because of me. I have to stop Rayne."

Greg paused and gave an inward groan, "Urgh- you're right. Stay there." He said scampering off. A few seconds later he came back with a pile of rope.

"We keep this hidden in one of the bushes nearby. It's an enchanted rope. Loop it around your waist and it will lower you safely to the ground." Greg instructed.

Carefully I looped the rope my waist and it began to steadily drop down on its own accord. Soon I was on the ground.

Aidan was back in human form.

"Why did you come back down?" He asked.

"Rayne's going to kill you." I said.

Aidan snorted disbelievingly. "Was he the big bat thing that flew off?"

"Don't piss him off." I begged.

"Do you think he would be mad if I ate you? I'm starving after that run." Aidan said.

I was now beginning to regret coming back down here to save him. Stepping back Aidan stepped forward taking off his leather jacket. Somehow he had magically dressed himself in-between morphing from wolf to human. The other members of the pack watched intensely waiting for Aidan to strike. Aidan took another step forward and jumped into the air turning into a wolf. I watched the black blur hurtle toward me and I raised my arms protectively across my head. A loud whimper followed.

Rayne was once again in front of me but this time he was holding Aidan by the throat. Aidan had turned back into a human and was gasping and croaking for air. His legs scrapped against the floor as Rayne held him just so the tips of his toes could touch the floor. Angrily I pounded against Rayne's chest.

"You're killing him!" I screamed.

Rayne lifted an eye brow, "That's the idea."

"Rayne let him go!"

"I don't feel like it."

"Rayne I order you to drop him."

A muscle in Rayne's face twitched as he let go of Aidan. Rubbing his neck, Aidan stared up in bewilderment. Rayne turned on me, "He almost killed you!"

"But he didn't." I pointed out.

"Because I stopped him!"

"Exactly. No harm, no foul."

"Skyler you don't understand. They wanted to murder you. I was trying to protect you. I'm doing this for you."

"You think I want the blood of those idiots on my conscience!" I finally snapped. Rayne didn't reply. He gave me a downtrodden look and stood down. He held his hand out towards me and said, "Let's go home."

I reached out towards him and when I heard Aidan mutter in a low voice behind me. "She wouldn't have gotten herself into this mess if that demon hadn't been making out with Loki."

The fight was back on. Rayne with his supernatural hearing ability caught every syllable and launched himself at Aidan. Opening my arms out wide I threw myself in between them, "Stop it," I said "Rayne I order you to leave Aidan's territory and never ever set foot inside here again."

Rayne's face fell. He looked very stiff and angry but simply nodded in reply. He had choice, he had to obey me. Biting his tongue he marched up to me while Aidan grinned defiantly behind me. Rayne's mouth curved into a cruel smile. "I will never set foot in your territory again and in case you set foot in mine," In one swift movement Rayne lifted me over his shoulder and swiped the air with his free hand, Aidan let out a howl of pain, "I will remember you by your scar." Rayne finished.

Flailing in Rayne's grasp I looked behind me to see Aidan cupping his face, trickles of blood escaping between his fingers. Horrified I opened my mouth to shout at Rayne, but he quickly slotted in, "Your order specifically said not to kill him."

Rayne then leapt into the air and flew up to Greg who had been watching the whole fiasco below. Looking quite white he heaved uneasily, "Sorry the sight of blood makes me come over queasy." He explained gasping for air.

"Sorry Greg, Rayne is not usually this unfriendly." I apologized glowering at Rayne.

"It's okay. I was just thinking. Tomorrow the shop is shut. Kai and me could bring round the van and help you move."

"Thanks! We'd really appreciate it! Wouldn't we Rayne?" I said. Rayne was too busy leaning over the edge watching Aidan.

"Great." Greg beamed.

We exchanged numbers and I explained to Greg where to find our house. At he end of our conversation Greg cheerfully went to hug me but Rayne who had been preoccupied with exchanging filthy looks with Aidan below, looked directly at Greg and said, "No touching."

Greg nodded and backed away his hands raised defensively up in the air. We said goodbye and I was left alone with Rayne.

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