Dark Black Magic- chapter 26- lost soul

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Stephanie Collins POV

I can't justify with words how depression makes me feel. I suppose 'hopeless' is close, but even that does not embody the crushing awareness that I am no longer the same person I once was. As I lay dying on the forest floor my last thoughts were ones of disappointment. In my head I believed that death would end the suffering and I would be able to reclaim the girl I once was. But I was still the same in death as I had been an hour ago. A lost soul wanting to be found. Death had been a disappointment and it's darkness I waited for angels or a bright tunnel of light to lead me to Heaven. Floating in the darkness I saw shimmer of light. I felt cold- freezing in fact. My lungs expanded filling my chest with air. For some reason my body was waking up. I opened my eyes too see two figures hovering over me. Was this heaven?

"Am I dead?" I asked.

But before they could answer I passed out again.

When I came too again, a bright light was shining in my eyes. Was this light Heaven? Maybe it was God? I reached out to touch it, "Jesus?" I asked as I touched a red hot surface. Swearing loudly I cradled my burnt finger tips.

"What happened?" A female voice called.

A flat male voice replied, "She thought the a 100 watt light bulb was Jesus."

"For christ sake Kai, get that lamp out her face!"

The overhead light moved and I saw five figures stood around me. This must be a hospital. Squinting I sat up and stared at the medic next to me. He was blurred and hazy but I could make out the black shirt he was wearing.

"Lie down." He said pushing but on to the bed.

"Are you a doctor?" I asked.

Everyone in the room let out a snort of laughter. I looked back up at this guy and realised his black shirt had a large rock band logo on it. This was not a hospital, and I was too sore to be dead so where was I. Shuffling back up the bed, a girl came towards me. She was about my age and had a kind angel-like face.

"We found you in the woods and brought you back here to my home. My name is Skyler."

Awkwardly I replied, "I'm Stephanie."

"Please to meet you Stephanie." she replied cheerfully.

A wave of panic hit me. My hands began to tremble. I couldn't cope with strangers and social situations. I hated everyone staring at me. I wonder what they are thinking of me. Do they know I tried to commit sucide last night. My breathing became more erratic and my heart hammered in my chest. Skyler touched my hands, but I flinched away. I had to get out of here.

"Thank you for helping me. I must go now." I said.

"You can barely walk." Skyler replied.

"I'll be fine." I stood up and nosedived towards the carpet. Someone grabbed me from behind before I hit the floor.

"Hey take it easy. No one is judging you," a soft male voice said, "You're safe here. My name is Greg."

"I want to go home." I protested.

"Your parents are coming to pick you up right now." Greg smiled.

That was comfort, although I wasn't looking forwarded to explaining why I was missing. I just keep digging the hole deeper for myself! Shit. I wanted to cry.

Skyler sat next to me and softly said, "I know you've been having a hard time with yourself and I want to help you. We would all love it if you visited all us at our store."

"Really?" I asked.

Greg patted me on the shoulder, "Sure! You can even come to Kai's next gig with us. Us weirdoes have to stick together."

I didn't know how respond. Part of me was so desperate for human contact but the other part wanted to runaway. Deep down I realise only I could heal myself but I was too afraid to take that step. I needed change, even if I had to force it, things could no longer continue this way. I couldn't keep hiding.

"I will come and see you again, although I don't understand why you want to be my friend." I said honestly.

Skyler shrugged, "I think we would be good friends."

I didn't believe her.

Skyler POV

I watched Stephanie's parents big 4x4 drive away. I wanted to help that girl so badly. Greg, Kai and Bea wanted to help too. Rayne seem less keen. In the kitchen I could hear Greg and Rayne discussing Stephanie. Everything sounded pretty causal until I heard Greg yell, "Are you out of your freaking mind!"

Oh god, here we go. Another argument.

"Boys play nice." I groaned.

"Tell her what you have done!" Greg snapped.

Rayne had that look on his face. That 'I've done something bad' look. I was hoping it would be something silly that we could all laugh off but judging by the expression on Rayne's face it was serious.

"I told you her body was beyond medical repair." he said.


"So I broke a few universal laws to bring her back to life."

"What do you mean."

"Humans abide by laws of physics. We abide by laws of magic. By bringing that girl back from the brink of death I have allowed her to break the natural law she in which she exists."


"By bringing her back from the dead I have made her immortal." Rayne said.

The word immortal echoed in my head as I stood perfectly still facing Rayne. He tried to wrap his arms around me, but I pushed him away.

"You did what?"

"Skyler honey, baby-" Rayne said reaching for me. I darted around the kitchen table, "Explain to me what happened!"

"I brought Stephanie back to life and now she is immortal. It happens all the time. A vampire bites a human, the human dies and comes back vampire. A werewolf bites a human the human dies and comes back a werewolf. The only exception to Stephanie is that I did not bite her and infect her. So she comes across as immortal."

"What does immortal mean?"

"She can't die- well she can but she is really hard to kill."

"Did you think about mentioning it to me before you saved her?"

"Yes it did cross my mind. But I did not think you would care."

"Oh course I would care about making a suicidal teen immortal! Do you not understand the huge implications!?!"

"So you would have let her die?" Rayne snapped.

Running my fingers through my hair I shrugged, "I don't know."

Honestly I didn't know. Leaving her to die would have been awful but to force to live when she longed for death was also cruel. I only had myself to blame. Stephanie was my responsibility now.

"I'm sorry Rayne. It's not your fault." I sighed moving around the kitchen table. Rayne reached out for me, "I can fix it for you." he said innocently.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"If you want her dead..."

"No, that's not what I want."

Rayne kissed my forehead, "We'll figure it out."

"We need to keep an eye on Stephanie." I said.

"Why? It's not like she can hurt herself anymore."

"She is hurting from the inside Rayne."

"Fine, I'll keep an eye on her." Rayne groans.

"Thanks!" I smiled.

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