Thank You!!!

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Legend: OMA!! OMA!!

Admin: OMA?

Legend: OMA!!

Zoey: Oh my Arceus.

Admin: You actually use Pokemon as curses?

Zoey: Pretty much.

Moon: OMA! What are we OMA-ing about?

Legend: Over *gasp* 550 views!!

Moon: OMA!!

Zoey: ...

Admin: ...

Legend: Thank you everyone!!

Red: Over 550 people read this?

Blue: We're famous!

Green: We were already famous. At least me and Red are.

Ruby: Over 550 people saw us looking like this?! We're hideous!!!

Gold: Majority anyway.

Crystal: And who exactly is this 'majority', Gold Ethan Hibiki?

Emerald: *snort* Hibiki.

Gold: *glares* Something wrong with my last name?

White: This is a great opportunity!

Black: For what?

White: Publicity! Flyers aren't everything! Please support the BW agency!!

Pearl: And don't forget to watch Diamond and Pearl's comedy routines!!

White: This is MY publicity!! Butt out!!

Pearl: You butt out! *starts arguing*

Rakutsu: *thinks* is publicity good? I hope Yancy still isn't angry we broke up...

Admin: Psst. Whose Yancy?

Legend: A pop star celebrity in the Unova region.

Admin: This kid dated a celebrity?! What is he, twelve?!

Moon: Exactly!

Zoey: *facepalm*

Admin: If this is the boy, what sort of fearsome secrets is the girl hiding?

Zoey: You don't want to know.

Admin: O.O

Moon: She's a- *mouth gets covered by Legend*

Legend: A normal, average girl!!

Admin: And the other boy?

Legend: Revenge for a Purrlion.

Admin: A 12 year old boy wants revenge for a cat. That can't be healthy.

Legend: His sister's cat!!

Admin: Pokémon keeps getting weirder...

Legend: Thanks to everyone who read this!! Have a cookie (::)!! I don't own Pokémon!!

Moon: Don't forget to comment!

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