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Legend: Darn. We missed it.

Lee: That's your fault, not mine. Told you to work on this book first.

Legend: ... Can I at least say I tried?

Lee: But you didn't. Not seriously.

Admin: It's been like two months. "Missed it" is an understatement. 😑

Legend: So dares?

Lee: Fine.

Moon: I want to stop this, but I'm afraid of what they'll do.

Aqua: I'm not. Dares from Blazegirl121:

Tie Gold and Crystal together and make them kiss (MANGAQUESTSHIPPER)Handcuff Silver and Green togetherTake away Platinums money

Gold: *kisses Crystal quickly* Tie us now!

Tophy: *magically ties them together back to back*

Crystal: I'd hit you, but I can't.

Gold: Yes! Finally, I'm smarter than Crystal.

[Crystal used Struggle]

Lee: *handcuffs Green and Silver together* Don't kill each other.

Silver: *glares*

Green: Isn't this getting a little childish?

Aqua: Don't be OOC.

Legend: What's that mean?

Lee: How are we even related? Seriously.

Platinum: Here is my money. *hands over a credit card*

Akina: Where's all the cash you normally carry?

Pearl: This is the 21st Century. Carrying tons of money is impractical.

Akina: I was asking Platz, not you.

Platinum: This card is very stylish.

Akina: *stares at solid platinum card with gold trimming and diamond encrusted numbers* I-I see.

Blue: Obviously! Green went out of style ten minutes ago!

Green: *vein bulges*

Silver: *slips out of handcuffs then handcuffs Green to a random pipe*

Candy: Why's there a pipe here?

Akina: It is a building.

Legend: *muses* Maybe the anime isn't so bad ...

*everyone gasps*

Aqua: Ah, my throat hurts now.

Akina: *shakes head vigorously* You did not just say that.

Moon: Sacrilege!

Zoey: Do you even know what that means?

Moon: Of course. Sacrilege is the violation or misuse of what is regarded as sacred.

Zoey: Then you know that that doesn't really apply ...

Legend: But think about it! #ThinkAboutIt

Candy: Is that a real thing?

Tophy: *shrugs*

Admin: Woah. Like five chapters ago you were yelling about how horrible it is.

Legend: I'm easily swayed by popular opinion.

Lee: The anime may have a horrible plot line, but it's fun to watch. The manga is just so good it makes the anime look bad, when it really isn't horrifyingly so. It's actually pretty good.

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