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International Police x Bulls x Waltz

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Rakutsu: You're all under arrest!

Admin: Who was he again?

Pearl: Dunno.

Faitsu: W-Why are we under arrest?

Rakutsu: *points to the hosts* You're multidimensional kidnappers!

Moon: We prefer the term "borrowers of protagonists."

Gold: Stop with the big words...

Rakutsu: *points to Blue and Silver* You two are thieves!

Blue: Hey!

Green: I already tried.

Blue: Green!

Silver: You have no proof.

Gold: Yeah! I was the only witness!

Rakutsu: And the rest of you are under arrest for stealing from museums!

Yellow: But that happened before you were here! How could you know!?

Admin: How do you remember?!

Rakutsu: I have my sources!

Dia: *eating a bag of chips* Oops.

Platina: Diamond!

Crystal: But our memories were erased!

Zoey: *whistles*

Legend: Er.. Not exactly?

Crystal: C'mon!

Lee: *knocks Rakutsu unconscious* Problem solved.

Ruby: That only stalls it!

Aqua: Sheesh. *erases Rakutsu's memories* Happy?

Emerald: Very.

Lee: *drumrolls*

Dex Holders: Uh-oh.

Legend: Time for dares!

Admin: These are from mangareader4!

everyone the authors most dislike have to jump into a pool with freezing cold water and stay there for 10 minutes.green has to prank-call prof.oak.silver has to do bullfighting

Admin: All of you. Pool. Now.

Dexholders: *jump in*

-Ten minutes later-

Green: ...

Blue: Do it.

Green: *takes out phone* G-Gramps...help. T-Team Rocket...Everyone... dead...

Prof Oak: Don't worry! I'll get the police!

*line is cut*

Red: You don't think he was serious, do you?

Everyone: *stares at Rakutsu awkwardly*

Rakutsu: What?

Silver: What is a bull?

Aqua: This is a bull. *lets out three million bulls*

Silver: *runs*

Crystal: Technically, that's more than one bull.

Aqua: *tosses Crystal in with Silver*

Crystal: *runs*

Legend: You're supposed to fight them!

Crystal: You're crazy!

Silver: I agree!

Zoey: We already discussed this...

Legend: While they're running for their lives, next dares!

Moon: I dare Green and Blue to waltz to Gangdum Style.

Green: That's not possible.

Blue: Why?

Green: I don't know how to waltz.

Lee: Make something up. It's not our problem. *plays music*

Blue: Ow! My foot!

Green: ...

Blue: Gah! *falls*

Gold: *munches popcorn* Anybody else find this funny?

Dia: Popcorn ...

Ruby: Amazing what passes for entertainment these days...

Admin: I feel like we're forgetting something...

Black: Like two people getting chased by bulls?

Admin: No. Just pizza.

Dia: Pizza!


Police: Come out with your hands up!

Pearl: W-What?

Moon: How did they find us?!

White: We're saved!

Green: Gramps actually took it seriously...

Zoey: As we are experiencing
... technical difficulties we will be forced to end this at the moment.

Aqua: I found the bazooka!

Admin: What are you planning to do?!

Legend: OMA! I am so sorry for not updating in a long time! I've been super busy. I'll update soon!

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