Ultra Sweet Candy Sweetness x3

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Legend: Caramel heaven!!!

Lee: Please ... make it stop.

Admin: The chapter title is redundant.

Moon: Most of the chapter titles are.

Zoey: If you haven't guessed, the theme of this chapter is candy. Be prepared for candy jokes and super sweet conversations.

Candy: Does this mean I'm in charge?

Zoey: I ... I suppose it does.

Candy: Woo!

Akina: When's my turn?

Aqua: Never. *gets hit in the head by Zoey*

Zoey: Soon, probably.

Crystal: Isn't this sort of making fun of the kids who can't eat caramel and popcorn because they have braces?

Candy: How come none of the Dex Holders have braces? They're all at the right age at some point in the story.

Legend: Mmm ... too hard to draw.

Lee: I don't think I've seen any anime or manga characters with braces, come to think of it.

Admin: How come everyone in the Pokemon world has freakishly good teeth?

Everyone: *stares at Sapphire*

Emerald: Almost everyone.

Sapphire: Hey!

Moon: I've got it!

Zoey: Magically giving them all braces is a bad idea.

Aqua: And~ Now~ It's~ Time~ For~ Dares!


i dare everyone to pokemon battle royale with full power

Admin: I don't even have Pokemon.

Candy: I got this. *hands Admin a Magikarp*

Admin: Da heck is this?

Akina: A talking fish.

Battle Royale Start


Battle Royale End

Gold: What the heck was that?!

Legend: We all landed in the forbidden zone and died!

Blue: *cough* Cheater.

Green: Said the con artist.

Silver: To the stupid spoiled gym leader.

Green: ... Say that again.

Silver: What? That you're a spoiled brat?

Red: Oh boy.

Blue: Here we go.

Green: Charizard!

*Epic Flamethrower*

Diamond: Marshmallows?

Candy: *shows jet-puffed bag of goodness*

Silver: *runs* Where are my Pokemon?!

~ Somewhere Tropical ~

Feraligator: *sips lemonade*

~ Back at T&D HQ ~

Legend: They're taking a well-deserved vacation.

Charizard: Char Charizard? (How come I didn't get a vacation?)


I dare Yellow and Red: which one is better, Charizard or pikachu/raichu?

Yellow: Pikachu.

Red: Obviously.

Charizard: Char? (What was that?)

Charizard: *misses Silver and hits Red and Yellow*

Green: They brought that on themselves.

Moon: Pff. You can't control your Pokemon.

Legend: I can!

Akina: Can what?

Legend: I can control his Pokemon! XD

Lee: *lets out a long, breathy sigh*

Candy: My turn again!


I date every Unova kid (B2W2 included) to be thrown in a volcano

Black: You and your big mouth.

Rakutsu: Anybody find this ironic?

- Trap Door Opens from beneath the BW and BW2 folk -

Admin: When did we get the volcano?

Legend: Santa! *squeals*

Lee: Santa! *goes starry eyed*

Lee and Legend: Santa~ Santa~ Santa~

Moon: I finally see how they're related.

Green: Charizard!

Charizard: *sets random pieces of furniture on fire*

Gold: Here we go again!

Legend: A yule log!

Admin: It ain't Christmas!

Zoey: Actually, it is.

Lee: Next chapter theme. You get one guess.

Random Person: ... Logs?

Lee: *sighs* I need a life.

Legend: Smores!!!! *starts roasting marshmallows*

Lee: Correction, we need a life. *bites into a smore* Mmm.

Admin: Happy Holidays everyone!

Aqua: Stay safe!

Legend: And see you next year!

Moon: Or will we?

Tophy: Dundundun.

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