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Legend: Hello Pokefans! Today we have a special treat for you!

Pearl: And knowing her, it's probably deadly and/or embarrassing for us.

Moon: Yup.

Legend: I'll do a crossover!

Bookie: With what?

Legend: I'll let the readers decide! Comment yes if you want:

Heroes of Olympus

Pokemon Anime

Pokemon Game

Young Justice


Or *drumroll* all of them!

Admin: And add some dares!

Yellow: Please!

Blue: You want dares?! Remember the closet!?

Yellow: Do some specialshipping!

Soul: Don't forget Soulsilver!

Diamond: Commoner!

Pearl: Haughty!

Gold: Mangaqu- *Crystal wacks him on the head*

Admin: That can't be healthy!

Crystal: Who cares about his health? His brain's already damaged beyond compare.

Gold: You know you lo- *gets kicked in the stomach*

Crystal: Seriously, who cares?

Moon: His fan girls do. *releases hoard of fangirls*

Fangirls: Get her!

Crystal: *runs*

Bookie: That's all for now! 13thLegend does not own Pokemon or any of the fandoms mentioned, thank you.

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