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Legend: *gets on knees and begs for forgiveness*

Admin: About time.

Legend: I'm sorry!!!

Moon: What's it been, two months?

Gold: Our vacation's over! Darn it!

Crystal: It was fun while it lasted...

White: I quit!

Black: You never let me quit ...

Zoey: No quiting. It violates the contract.

Blue: WHAT?

Red: WE

Yellow: NEVER


Green: a contract. That was annoying.

Blue: YOU

Green: ruined it.

Blue: ...

Blue: *hides in corner and cries*

Zoey: You did sign. We just wiped your memories of signing.

Crystal: What can't you do?!

Zoey: Nothing.

Moon: I'm actually quite good at doing nothing.

Aqua: Stop moping! Dares from pinkheart1

white, laugh like a maniac with 25 marshmallows in your mouth.platinum pretend your a ninja and do ningaey stuff. silver pull a prank on someone when they don't expect it.

Silver: Sure... *kisses Soul*

Soul: 😳

Admin: What the heck was that?

Aqua: An emoticon.

Moon: A smiley face.

Zoey: One that wasn't smiling.

Moon: ...

Moon: *joins Blue in corner and cries*

Legend: *still on knees* I'm SOOORRRRY!!!!

Admin: That's it. *brings in AOT people*

Aqua: *gasps*

Everyone else: *gasps*

Legend: *fangirl squeals*

Zoey: Let me guess. She joined the AOT fandom and it was part of the reason she didn't update.

Admin: Yeah.


Green: Red, we've already covered that.

Silver: *knocks Green unconscious* There. I pranked.

Soul: I thought you pranked me.

Silver: That wasn't a prank.

Soul: *faints*

Legend: *squeals and hugs Eren*

Mikasa: *points blade at Legend* Let go.

Legend: *moves on and hugs Armin*

Armin: C-Can't breathe...

Titan: *grabs Dia*

Diamond: Hello.

Pearl: Dia!

Levi: *kills Titan* Where are we?

Legend: No time. White will explain. *takes all hosts inside Wall Pokespe*

Levi: Who's White?

Dexholders: *point*

White: Mmmmm mmm. *speaking with mouth full of marshmallows*

Legend: *appears* Here's 3DMs for Ruby and Silver. *dissappears*

Ruby: Why would we need these?

-10000000 Titans appear-

Sapphire: Ya jinxed us!

Jean: Run!

-All AOT people disappear-

Dexholders: Crud

Platinum: *vanishes like a true ninja*

Legend: Just kidding! *Titans disappear*

Crystal: You actually had us going for a second.

-Titans reappear-

Legend: I still do.

Everyone: Aaahhh!!!

-Titans disappear-

Faitsu: *faints*

Ruby: M-My heart ...

Legend: Next dares!

Admin: I've unleashed a monster.

Red: All fangirls are monsters. We learned the hard way.

Legend: dares from aceg111

i dare pearl and black to be quiet for 10 minutes. sapphire wear a pink dress while ruby rolls in mud. red, throw a pie in green's face

Green: Red wouldn't do that.

Red: ... *hides pie*

Green: He's too soft.

Red: *throws pie in Green's face*

Green: Aah!! Banana cream! I hate banana cream!

Silver: Really?

Green: No. *takes pie and throws it at Red*

Platinum: Be quiet, Pearl.

Pearl: *nods*

White: Be quiet, Black.

Black: Yes, Ma'am!

Gold: And he fails.

Sapphire: Get it off a me!

Ruby: You look pretty.

Sapphire: Really? *blushes*

Ruby: *jumps off cliff into mud puddle*

Sapphire: *jumps*

Rakutsu: Can she do that?

Crystal: Apparently so.

Legend: OMA! I'm so sorry for not updating!

Moon: She's having a relapse!!

Aqua: We're ending this chapter now! See you soon! *closes giant curtain*

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