Zombies, Cards, and Acting

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Admin: *gets out of magic elevator*

Zoey: Hey.

Lee: *smiling*

Moon: *smiling*

Aqua: How are you?

Admin: Something's wrong here.

Aqua: Nothing. Nothing at all is wrong. Coffee?

Admin: Don't mind if-

Blue: *grabs Admin and runs to secret fort*

Admin: What happened to them?!

Gold: They became coffee zombies!

Admin: What? How?

Crystal: I don't know. If we knew, we'd be working on a cure.

Diamond: *sniffles* We already lost Platina, Pearl, Green, Silver, Yellow...

Blue: Basically anybody who drank the coffee.

Admin: This is a dare book.

Ruby: You're right! This all happened because of dares!

Admin: If Legend pops out of nowhere and says it's cause of lack of dares, I swear-

Blue: It was actually the opposite.

-Epic Flashback-

Legend: Time for dares!

Pokespe: No!

Zoey: Admin's not here.

Legend: She's on vacation! Dares SooNaSic !

Aqua: I dare Crystal and gold to kiss in 5 minutes

Crystal: Great.

Gold: *makes a kissy face*

Crystal: *punches the kissy face* It hasn't been 5 minutes!

Legend: 5 min~

Crystal: *kisses Gold*

Gold: O\\\\\O

Blue: Gold's surprisingly innocent.

Gold: Am not!

Blue: Are too!

Green: Be quiet.

Aqua: *looks at long list of dares*

Moon: There's too many! *panics*

Legend: I have the solution!

Everyone: What?

Legend: Coffee!

Lee: Yes! I hate coffee!

Legend: Drink it anyway!

Blue: I'm more of a tea person.

Fate: How dare you!

Aqua: In place of Admin, I'll say it. GO AWAY!!!

Coffee people: *drink coffee*

Legend: Well, see ya! *disappears*

Moon: I feel ... woozy.

Lee: Let's all be friends~

Zoey: Yay...

Gold: What's the matter with them?!

Coffee people: Coffee... *zombie shuffle towards them*

Everyone else: *runs*

-End Epic Flashback-

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