Outlast, Stunfisk, and Seduction?!

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Legend: Yay! Over seventy views!

Pearl: That's alot?

Legend: To me it is, now shut up!

Diamond: Don't be mean to Pearl! *wacks Legend on the head*

Legend: Ow! That hurt!

Green: Can we just get the torture over already?

Moon: Well, someone's in a bad mood.

Admin: Isn't he always like that?

Moon: Good point.

Admin: Our first dares are from me! I dare Red, Yellow, Blue, and Green to play Outlast with me! Admin! The Gaming Brony! :3

Legend: Those weren't the first dares!

Admin: We're going in backwards order, so they are!

Yellow: I'm afraid to ask what it is...

Red: Going backwards?

Yellow: Outlast.

Moon: Just play!


Admin: Yes! I win!

Blue: How is that winning? You died!

Admin: But I lasted longer than you!

Blue: Touché

Red: I'm gonna have nightmares for weeks...

Yellow: I knew it would be bad!

Crystal: I felt sick just watching!

Silver: ...

Green: Why do people even play these things? They're disgusting!

Admin: Because it's fun!

Legend: On to the next dares!

Moon: They're from aceg111!

i dare ruby to catch a stunkfish. Blue, if you can make anyone in the room your servant for the day, who would it be and what would you make them do?

Legend: *makes a Stunfisk appear*

Ruby: It's hideous! Who would want to capture such a thing?!

White: Hey!

Ruby: What?

White: I have a Stunfisk named Dorothy!

Ruby: Why?

Crystal: And while we're on the subject, your team is horribly unbalanced!

Black: Don't insult Prez!

Ruby: We're not insulting her. We're insulting her team!

Black: Same difference!

Moon: Just catch the darn thing!

Ruby: *Catches it* Anybody want it?

Crystal: I do need one for my collection... *takes it*

N: You inhuman monsters! You should not judge Pokemon by appearance or type! And what do you mean COLLECTION?!?!

Admin: Who's the greenette?

Moon: N, a Pokemon freedom activist.

Admin: His name is one letter?

Yellow: You should judge them by what's in their heart!

N: I have never met someone like myself before, able to hear the hearts of Pokemon! *holds Yellow's hands*

Red: Hands off! *grabs Yellow*

Yellow: O///O

Legend: How the heck did he get here? *makes N disappear*

Moon: Your turn Blue!

Blue: If I could make anyone in the room my servant, I'd make Greenie take me on a date!

Green: Noisy woman...

Silver: *glares*

Admin: Next are dares from pinkheart1!

yellow has to seduce a boy

gold and crystal have to do 7 minutes in heaven

Yellow: I have to what?!

Blue: Good luck! And here's some books on the subject! *drops a huge pile of books*

Crystal: Who are you going to seduce? Red?

Yellow: I guess...

--Operation Seduction Start--

Yellow: Hey Red...

Red: Hey Yellow! What's up?

Yellow: Um...er...

Moon: She's cracking under pressure!

Sapphire: *whisper-yell* You can do it, Senior!


Everyone: *anime falls*

Blue: She used a pickup line meant for girls?!

Crystal: Is that even the right line? Isn't it "Fall from the sky"?

Red: Thanks Yellow! And no I did not.

Green: Thank Arceus his head is like a rock.

Admin: I don't understand this fandom anymore...

Legend: We can safely call this a failure.

--Operation Seduction Failed--

Legend: What's 7 minutes in heaven? (A/N Really, what is it?)

Red: Yeah, what is it?

Moon: Don't worry, I'll take over. Into the closet!


Black: What's with the #? *Gold and Crystal come out of the closet blushing*

Blue: Oo, what did you do in there?

Crystal: We did nothing! Absolutely nothing!

Moon: These dares are fr-

Legend: Oh no, you don't! I haven't gotten to say the dares this chapter!

Admin: From Mangareader4!

i dare red and yellow to go on a double date with blue and green. take away platinum's money, give her $15 and see how long she last in 3 hours

Legend: It was my turn! RAWR!

Admin: ;3 *runs away*

Legend: *chases Admin*

Moon: Let's do the money dare first. Hand it over Platz.

Platina: *hands over about ¥10000000000000000000*

Black: She just keeps that with her?!

Pearl: Pretty much, yeah.

Moon: Here. *hands over $15*

Platina: But there is nothing to buy here!

Moon: Then I'll send you, Pearl, and Diamond to the mall! Buh-bye! *Platina, Dia, and Pearl disappear* Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue, go on a double date at the same mall! *they disappear*

White: See the results next time, and don't forget to dare! This is White, signing off!

Black: Since when did you become a host?

White: I'm just practicing for a TV show! 13thLegend does not own Pokemon! ;)

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