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Lee: That emoticon is extremely misleading, Miss Haven't Updated In Months.

Legend: I have a chapter.

Admin: That's a paragraph long.

Moon: Get to work, woman!

Legend: *tears up* You're all against me!!

Zoey: We're against procrastination and laziness.

Blue: Did you try to write an original story again? That doesn't end well.

A: Hehehe ... ORIGINAL?

Green and Red: *shiver*

Legend: Yes .... *sniffles* But it's not a total failure!

Lee: Wait ...  This is because you started getting into Digimon again, isn't it?

Everyone: *gasps*

Legend: maybe

Lee: *sighs* Pokespe Truth or Dare is-


Shana: Oh boy.

Legend: *screams into a pillow*

A: One!


Moon: Three! Happy New Year!

Blade-Of-Spirit (you are hereby named BOSS)

All Dexholders must go to Hogwarts.

Dumbledore: Welcome to-

Crystal: Isn't he dead?

Boss: Well ... Uh ....

Crystal:Exactly what book is this taking place in?

Gold: Hey, look, those people have weird tattoos-

Death Eater: Avada Kadavra!

Gold: *dies*

Emerald: Alakazam!

Blue: *sarcastically* Run! They have pointy sticks!

Yellow: *crying* They just killed Gold!

Blue: So? Everybody wants to kill Gold.

Silver: She's not lying.

Flamelie (AKA Flame)

I dare Sapphire and Ruby to have their old personalities for the end of the book!

Flame: Red, I will put you in Gryffindor, for your bravery under fire. Green shall be a Slytherin and /or Ravenclaw due to authorly intervention.

Shana: Let's vote on which one!

Green: What is going on? Who are these people?

TechUmbreon : I'm Tech.

I dare The Spe crew to play Call of Duty against there ships until they die

Y: *suddenly has a gun*

Karuta: *jazz hands* Guest host time! Yay!

[Evil thunder]

Sapphire: Dolls and glitter and *GASP* THE YULE BALL!

Ruby: Dances are for sissies. Quidditch is where it's at. GO SLYTHERIN!

Wally: I'm a Hu-


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