Meet Lee

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Lee: Hello.

Moon: Who are you?

Lee: I could ask you the same thing. *glares*

Moon: *glares*

Blue: A glare off! Haven't seen one of those in a while.

Green: Noisy woman.

Silver: *glares*

Admin: I don't get it. Why would he glare if he isn't in love with her?

Aqua: I don't know, brotherly instincts?

Zoey: Who are you?

Lee: Lee.

Moon: Why did you answer her!?

Lee: She asked nicely.

Moon: I said the exact same thing!

Crystal: Are you a new host?

Lee: A temporary one.

Crystal: ?

Legend: That means he'll just visit from time to time.

Moon: Thank goodness! He's not permanent!

Zoey: It's dare time! I dare all the boys to kiss yellow on the cheek and all the girls to kiss gold on the cheek

Red: *twirls knife*

Boys: Are you trying to get us killed?!

Rakutsu: I honestly wouldn't mind kissing on the lips. ;)

Gold: You're dead, new kid.

Blue: Like you can talk.

Rakutsu: *runs*

Red: *runs after him with knife*

Ruby: I have a question.

Aqua: Yes?

Ruby: If we kill someone or injure them, you'll restore them right?

Moon: Unfortunately, yes.

Lee: It says ALL the boys and ALL the girls. Does that include hosts?

Admin: You had to point that out!!

Boys: *each kiss Yellow*

Lee: I just kissed a fictional character...

Moon: Get used to it! It was only on the cheek!

Girls: *kiss Gold*

Gold: *runs for his life*

Boys: *chase him* (All except Lee)

Aqua: I need mouthwash!

Legend: It was only on the cheek...

Moon: *pukes*

Zoey: I'll go get a mop...

Admin: What's the problem?

Moon: He's a pervert.

Admin: *pukes*

Zoey: Again?

Lee: You can just use magic.

Zoey: Oh. *cleans up*

Legend: Let's go! Next dares from aceg111!

black and white have to act in a romantic movie. Do the boys sleep with stuff animals? everyone, play capture the flag

Black: I suck at acting!

Moon: Deal with it.


White: No, don't go!

Black: Don't worry, I will return. Then leave you again. *walks away*

White: *cries*

Rakutsu: I am Dewott Boy, here to ensure a happy ending! *winks*

Faitsu: And I'm Foongus Girl! *blinks*

Rakutsu: *ties up Black*

Black: Hey, easy on the ropes!

Faitsu: *ties up White*

White: Why are you tying up ME?!

Rakutsu: We have captured the villains!

Black: We did nothing!

Rakutsu: That's what they all say!

Faitsu: The End!


Emerald: That made zero sense!

Aqua: I want my money back!

Admin: You didn't pay money.

Aqua: They don't know that!

Yellow: How sad...

Red: Yellow, what's the matter with you?!

Diamond: *snores*

Gold: Who sleeps with stuffed animals?

Emerald: N-Not me...

Red: Nope!

Green: Absolutely not.

Black: Do books count? I fall asleep when reading.

Pearl: Never *fidgets*

Silver: No.

Ruby: No!

Boys: O.O

Ruby: What sort of opinion do you have of me?!

Lee: Capture the flag!

Legend: That's my line!


Gold: Not fair! You put all the other good people on the other team!

Dia: Sorry...

Sapphire: We won! Take that, Ruby!

Ruby: Who cares!! I'm filthy!!

Legend: It was extremely short. I'm sorry!

Moon: We don't own Pokémon.

Zoey: All dares will be done later.
Lee: 13thLegend will be taking a little break for a while. Maybe 2-3 weeks.

Aqua: See ya!

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