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Legend: N-No dares ...

Admin: It was bound to happen sooner or later.

Pearl: It's over?

Legend: It is NOT OVER!!!

DexHolders: Aw....

Moon: She's right! No use getting all mopey!! We need action.

Zoey: It's probably because the last chapter sounded like an ending chapter.

Everyone: ....

Emerald: So it's over?

Legend: No!!!

Admin: I believe she's in denial.

Moon: *nods*

Zoey: Guys, it's only been 2 days.


Legend: Hehehe...

Moon: Man, we got all riled up for nothing.

Blue: Oh, I can't wait.

Admin: Sarcasm detected. Starting destruction.

Blue: Destruction?

Red: That's not Admin.

Admin:*from across the room* You guys started without me!

Gold: *points to the Admin across the room* If that's the real Admin, who's the one in front?

Admin1: Preparing for Cleanup.

Diamond: It's the evil robot from Pro team Omega!

Silver: *nods*

Admin1robot: *shoots laser beams*

Rakutsu: A robot?!

Faitsu: Run! *runs*

Crystal: Did you have anything to do with this, Gold?

Gold: Like heck!

Admin (the original): What the-

Zoey: Run!

Admin: Meep!

Legend: Hey, you said no mixing fandoms!

Pearl: Argue later! Run now!

Legend: It came into the building because of lack of dares!!

Moon: You really are in denial!

Admin: Say something that makes sense!

Emerald: *gets blasted and turns into a duck*

Yellow: Emerald!

Green: A duck, of all things?!

Zoey: Hurry up!

Ruby: Get rid of it!!

Legend: We will now be ending the filler chapter.

Ruby: Not like that!

Legend: Don't forget to dare! I don't own Pokémon! :3

Ruby: Do something!!

Sapphire: I agree with prissy boy! Get rid of it!

Emerald: Quack!

Legend: We are experiencing technical difficulties.

Zoey: Bye!

Moon: See ya!

Admin: This sounds desparate!

Blue: Get rid of the darn thing already!

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