More Dares! Yippee!

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Legend: Hello pokefriends! This time we'll start with introducing the characters! ( AN/ I realized I haven't introduced everyone! ^.^)

Legend: From Kanto, we have Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow! *Kanto dexholders wave* From Johto, Gold, Silver, and Crystal! Hoenn dexholders Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald! *only Ruby and Saph appear*

Legend: Where's Rald?

Ruby: He's sick, but he'll be back next chapter.

Legend: Oh. Well, here are Sinnoh Dexholders Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum! Also, Unova Dexholders Black and White! If you want Faitsu, Rakutsu, and all the other juniors, please specify!

Legend: Now for our dares from MoonlightStarlights!

I dare Platina and Dia to kiss. I dare everyone to play SAO and see who lasts the longest. And can I be in here?

Legend: Of course you can! *makes Moon appear* Now onto the dares! Platina and Dia, kiss!

Dia: Missy...*inches towards her*

Sapphire: This is takin' too long! *pushes their faces together* There!

Dia: O////O

Platina: O////O

Legend: Well, that was...interesting. Now time for SAO! (You did mean Sword Art Online, right?)


First dead: Yellow

Winner: Ruby

Crystal: I can't believe it...

Gold: How is this possible?!?

Sapphire: How did Prissy Boy beat me!?!

Ruby: It takes style to play games!

Blue: Better luck next time, Yellow.

Yellow: Yeah...

Pearl: I thought for sure Senior Red would win.

Red: Thanks Pearl! But I came in second.

Platina: This is not a game befitting a lady!

Silver: ...

White: I died fourth...

Moon: I came in third!

Legend: Poo, I died second. Onto the next dares from xdivineluckx!

Oh I'm not that into pokemon I'm moar into mlp THG horror and world of Warcraft but.... Add meh in here :3! And I dare Sapphire and Legend to kiss...... On da lips :3 030 ~ Admin

Gold: Wut...

Legend: Yes, you may join! *makes divineluck appear* And Sapphire?

Sapphire: Yes...* gets closer to Legend*

Legend: Hold your Ponyta! xdivineluckx ( may I call you Admin?) later clarified that she meant to type Red!

Sapphire: Whew.

Yellow and Red: What!?

Legend: Sorry Yellow. *kisses Red*

Red: 0///0

Admin (xdivineluckx): *smirks*

Yellow: *glares*

Moon: You better start running, Admin.

Yellow: *chases Admin with a knife*

Admin: *runs for her life*

Crystal: How did Yellow get a knife?

Legend: *whistles*

Crystal: Oh.

Legend: Now time for-

Moon: Can I say it?

Legend: Okay!

Moon: Here are our last dares from aceg111!

i dare the girls to have a cooking contest and the boys have to (randomly) eat someone's food and critisize it. then do the same thing but the boys do it.i dare everyone to confess who they like and the boys have to kiss the girls

Admin: That's alot.

Legend: No kidding. Sorry aceg111 but we might have to do some next chapter.

Red: Where's Yellow?

Admin: Hmm? That's the short blonde girl, right?

Blue: That's her!

Admin: I locked her in the closet.

Everyone: You what?!

Legend: But there is no closet!

Admin: Really? Then what's that? *points to a door*

Legend: That's the Endless Pit of Despair!

White: Why would you make something like that?!

Legend: In case anybody refused to do the dares!

Dexholders: O.o *backs away from Legend*

Legend: Hey!

Red: We have to rescue Yellow!

Legend: We're gonna rescue Yellow now, so we'll do your dares next chapter. Sorry :(.

Moon: I'll say the disclaimer! 13thLegend does not own Pokemon Special.

Admin: And don't forget to dare!

Black: Hurry up and rescue Senior Yellow!

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