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Until Caleb by BlissfulFlame
Until Calebby Bliss
Caleb fiercely glared at me, "I imagined my mate to be a little more obedient and do what I tell them to do, but you're the exact opposite of that. How disappointin...
  • mates
  • moongodess
  • action
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The Hybrid by Ebba0604
The Hybridby Ebba0604
She's different than the others. They think she's weak. But she's stronger than they could imagine. He think she's not worthy of him. But she's the most precious thing a...
  • silver
  • vampire
  • hybrid
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I Hate You - Silver X Reader by DippyCipher
I Hate You - Silver X Readerby Foofy
You've been traveling by yourself for a while, with only your pokemon to keep you company. You decided to look for someone to travel with, with no success. That is, unti...
  • pokemon
  • silver
  • humor
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Behind Closed Gates | Watty Awards 2014 by LibbyBlake
Behind Closed Gates | Watty Elizabeth H. Blake
The edited version of this story is published separately, you can find it in my profile. ~ The Central Park Zoo was a major attraction in America. There were monkey...
  • vampire
  • zoo
  • wolf
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Bad Boys With Claws [ON HOLD] by Jojo_B
Bad Boys With Claws [ON HOLD]by Jojo B
Tara is a rogue. She's been roaming the country with a band of them for the last three years, searching for what may just be an ancient myth. Although each of the four...
  • paranormal
  • bad
  • wolves
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Pokemon Boiz x Reader by Fandomz_Fangirl
Pokemon Boiz x Readerby Evangeline Hisahoshi
One Shots of your fave Trainers of the Pokemon world from around the region's! Requests open and for everyone! I don't know quite a few characters so if they are out of...
  • calem
  • wally
  • chili
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Fear The Old Blood by markin512
Fear The Old Bloodby Kat
She ran through the woods, trying desperately not to slip on the wet forest ground while the wolves ran around her, dashing forwards to the town, howling to each other...
  • romance
  • nightmares
  • dreams
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The Alpha's Huntress (Book1) by wolf158
The Alpha's Huntress (Book1)by Wolfy
Artemis King. That's her name to her family, but to werewolves she is known as Robin Hood. She is NOTHING like the fairy tale. She hunts rogues, but to all werewolves, s...
  • love
  • kidnapped
  • wolfsbane
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The Omega's Daughter by Myst3ry007
The Omega's Daughterby Orlaith Hunt
My mother is Dead. My father is an Omega. We're on the run. We've always been on the run. But this time things are different. This time we're making a stand. This time w...
  • alphas
  • friends
  • litwits
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One Shots Of Lovers And Brothers And Sister by WolfyTheWolfz
One Shots Of Lovers And Brothers Wolfie The Wolf
One Shots Of Sonadow And Sonic,Shadow, And Silver as brothers and sister
  • sonadow
  • sonic
  • brothers
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The Dog Walker by wolf_girl24
The Dog Walkerby Book🖤Wolf
Highest Ranking: 59 in Werewolf ~~~ Dog walking. That's what animal loving Asena decided to take up as her after-school job and she wouldn't have it any other way. What...
  • blood
  • gun
  • gangleader
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Sonic x Amy BABY!?! by WolfyTheWolfz
Sonic x Amy BABY!?!by Wolfie The Wolf
*This takes in Sonic Boom timeline* When Sonic and Amy are kidnapped by Eggman they are both injected with something. With Sonic starting to become over protective of Am...
  • silver
  • shadow
  • baby
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(The Game Of Love) Sonic X Shadow X Silver X Reader  by Sonicandanimefan89
(The Game Of Love) Sonic X Sonicandanimefan89
Wow, a new school, new people and new evil teachers. What's the difference? You live in a world where animals can talk (and you are one yourself.) Even better, you've go...
  • xreader
  • sonic
  • soniccharacters
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SILVER HEARTS ━ P. MAXIMOFF by soulofstaars
❝i'll let you in, so please, give my 𝙃𝙀𝘼𝙍𝙏 a 𝙃𝙊𝙈𝙀.❞ ━ pietro maximoff x oc post aou / civil war ( cover by EndlessHeights- ) ©julia kim, 2018.
  • civilwar
  • avengersfanfiction
  • avengersfanfic
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My Cheating Mate (The Silver Line Wolf Book 1) by BellaDemont
My Cheating Mate (The Silver Janet Hernandez
Elizabeth Montgomery was always that witty girl, the one that would stay quiet in class and never speak up, constantly a victim of bully and known for having only one fr...
  • silver
  • boy
  • nerd
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(Shadamy) Ebony Rose by WannabeEmPad
(Shadamy) Ebony Roseby EMMY
Amy has been in love with certain blue hedgehog since she was 12, and when he finally grows the courage to tell her how he really feels, Amy is left re-thinking her whol...
  • blaze
  • arguments
  • drugs
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What If The Sonic Gang Had Instagram... by siasiaisa
What If The Sonic Gang Had UNICORNS
This was inspired by @TikalTheEchidna! Okay, everyone you may have heard of Sonic On Facebook/Text Messages/ or even Chatrooms...but what about Instagram? Follow the cha...
  • tails
  • pervs
  • knuckles
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Pokemon Boys x Reader Oneshots [REQUESTS OPENNNN~] by LorenaKagamine
Pokemon Boys x Reader Oneshots [ PicK a God And PraY
Ahhnnn just what the title sayysss~! heheheh
  • subway
  • black
  • xreader
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Queen's Crown (Red Queen, FOURTH BOOK) by gigglewater15
Queen's Crown (Red Queen, FOURTH gigglewater15
Once Cal made his decision to accept to rule all of Norta What happens to Mare and the Scarlet Guard once the Exiled Prince turns King? Will fire and lightning unite or...
  • fanfiction
  • mare
  • fourthbook
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The Lost Huntsman (Male Reader X Harem) by Crashbexpert
The Lost Huntsman (Male Reader X Crashbexpert
A mission that went horribly wrong sent F/N L/N from his home world of Remnant to an unknown hostile world. He encountered an alien race that was fast and strong, as he...
  • multiverse
  • fanfiction
  • midori
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