Pokemon Boiz x Reader by Fandomz_Fangirl
Pokemon Boiz x Readerby Evangeline Hisahoshi
One Shots of your fave Trainers of the Pokemon world from around the region's! Requests open and for everyone! I don't know quite a few characters so if they are out of...
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The Alpha's Hunter by lex_marie8
The Alpha's Hunterby Alex Inderson
Hailey Argent is a normal girl, moving from Michigan to Northern California. She's pretty, smart and the best werewolf hunter in the country. That's right; werewolf hunt...
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To Me, From Me // DHr ✔️ by pumpkinpatch_
To Me, From Me // DHr ✔️by ieyam.
Hermione Granger decided to come back for her eighth year but finds that adjusting to a normal life is harder than she thought it would be, and she's not the only one st...
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Truck~sama strikes again: Reincarnated as a mob character, Let's be who I want~ by Amber_Haze
Truck~sama strikes again: Amber
Kitty is an actress. Well, a 16-year-old high school actress. she can become anyone! But the real her is a sweet loving, small adorable otaku. After saving a girl from b...
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Sonic Boyfriend Scenarios  by NarutoScenarios
Sonic Boyfriend Scenarios by NarutoScenarios
This is my first story with Sonic, Shadow, Tails, knuckles, Espio, Silver and Scourge.
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Pokemon Boiz Oneshots by Fandomz_Fangirl
Pokemon Boiz Oneshotsby Evangeline Hisahoshi
Another one shot book about our favorite Pokémon boys from around the regions! Requests always welcome and I really am greatful for you just looking at this!
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CreepyPasta Boyfriend Scenarios (UNDER HEAVY EDITING PROCESS) by -MinhoTrash
CreepyPasta Boyfriend Scenarios ( chrissy
First of all, thank you for taking the time to read my fanfiction! You all are super amazing! This book includes: • Slenderman • Jeff The Killer • Ben Drowned • Eyeless...
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Terrified (TWM Sequel) by Lyiannethegreat
Terrified (TWM Sequel)by The Great
Please read 'THE WISER MAN' first before proceeding to this story. Their new lives after years...
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 Saving the Queen |✓| by The_Alien_Bookworm
Saving the Queen |✓|by Alien
Alexis is the first female to be born into the Royal family and is put in position as Queen at the age of 13 when her father steps down as King. When she's 17, she moves...
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Sonic crew X reader chat room (+ some oneshots/scenarios) by SpiritTheSingingWolf
Sonic crew X reader chat room (+ 3Authors, main-Spirit, second...
The Sonic Crew, such as Sonic, Shadow, Silver, Amy, Rouge, Blaze, and more are placed randomly into different chatroom scenarios; But YOU are with them! Or an OC whichev...
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Silver claws [Drarry]✅ by cosimiva
Silver claws [Drarry]✅by Iva
Harry knew he could never be friends with Draco. At first, he thought it was because they were enemies. Completely different. But when Ella Amster showed him that they...
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Betraying the Alpha by Kylie2024
Betraying the Alphaby Kylissa
"Mate" he whispered as he grasped my forearm and pressed me on to his body. "You're stunning" he breathed tentatively biting on my ear lobe, teasing...
  • alpha
  • paranormal
  • firstpersonpointofview
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The Silver Wolf (A Naruto Fanfiction) (Complete) (Editing In Progress) by Spirit_of_the_Wolf6
The Silver Wolf (A Naruto Spirit
~Completed~ This book starts off like your stereotypical sucked-in Naruto fanfiction. Main character has sucky parents (parent- there's only one), and leaves home to exp...
  • naruto
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Unexpected(Sonadow) by Lee-The-Hedgehog36
Unexpected(Sonadow)by Lee-The-Hedgehog36
This story has taken some inspiration from Yaoi animes: Junjo Romantica and Sekai Ichi Hatsakoi. WARNING: THIS STORY WILL CONTAIN LEMON, CURSING/SWEARING, BOYXBOY, AND...
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Until Caleb by BlissfulFlame
Until Calebby bliss
Mates. Every wolf has one. Some do not want a mate and some do want a mate. At least, Lana Silver didn't want a mate. That was until Caleb.
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Role play book by Sunny_Days560
Role play bookby A dimension jumper
My first role play book ever and to know about characters that are mine I have an oc book on them. Please follow all rules ans have fun!(inspired to start one by Silvico...
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Sonic Boys X Reader Story, The Sleepover Games(Reopened!!) by Chloe_The_Hedgewolf
Sonic Boys X Reader Story, The Roleplaying
You, A Sleepover, Games, And Tons Of Sonic Boys?! Read Stories About You And A Sonic Boy Play Games That Have A Kick Of Romance In Them Like, Seven Seconds In Heaven, Th...
  • sonic
  • heaven
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Pokemon Oneshots (Terrible) by Jackalight
Pokemon Oneshots (Terrible)by Jackal
Updated Description: I do accept requests, but smut and lemons are a no no. I'm an innocent bean! These people are special to me: @Fandomz_Fangirl @PokemonSandwich @Po...
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Golden Star of Light   Polishipping/HeartGoldShipping (Red x Gold) by Bryan-Writer
Golden Star of Light Bryan-Writer
I don't own Pokémon or its characters. I also don't own any of the pictures I use in this FanFiction. The story contains yaoi (BoyxBoy)If you do not like it. Then why a...
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Silver by mmaaddyy1
Silverby maddy
When Silver, a girl with silver eyes, witnesses a gang murder, she has no other option but to live with a ruthless gang leader. Struggling with her past, will Silver fin...
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