Cooking Showdown

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Legend: Hello pokepals! We're back and this time let's start with the disclaimer!

Everyone but Silver and Green: 13thLegend does not own Pokemon Special.

Admin: How come those two didn't say it?

Green: Are we the only ones who realized that we don't have to do what they tell us?

Silver: I never thought I'd say this but *shudder* I agree with Green.

Legend: Then we'll have to punish you!

Moon: Endless Pit of Despair?

Legend: No, I got rid of it after the whole Yellow fiasco.

Dexholders: *glare at Admin*

Admin: It was an honest mistake!

Legend: So instead, they have to kiss their least favorite person!

Ruby: But what if it's a guy?

Legend: They still have to do it! So kiss each other!

Admin: Wait, there least favorite person is each other?

Legend: Yup!

Blue: Oo, I've got to get a picture! *takes out camera*

Silver: You can't force us!

Legend: *grins evilly* I can and I will. *invisible force forces them to kiss*

Green: I think I'm going to be sick...

Silver: *nods*

Legend: Restroom is that way. *points towards door*

Green: *runs toward door*

Silver: *does the same*

---sounds of screaming are heard---

Pearl: I thought you got rid of the pit!

Legend: But I did! Admin...

Admin: Wasn't me!

Moon: *whistles*

Everyone: *glares at Moon*

Legend: I'll just bring them back :D! *Silver and Green appear all beat up* And heal them! *heals*

Red: Why didn't you do that for Yellow!?

Legend: I forgot I could! Now onto aceg111's dares! Girls, get cooking!

---after they cook---

Moon: Now Boys, eat one!

Gold: But there aren't enough girls!

Moon: You'll just have to share!

Black's: *an elegant cake*

Black: Delicious!

Platina: Thank you.

Pearl and Dia's: *a glob*

Diamond: I think it moved...

Legend: Eat it!

Pearl and Dia: *faints after eating*

Blue: Hey! It wasn't that bad!

Admin: You made that? I thought you were a good cook!

Legend: That's Leaf, Blue's game counterpart.

Ruby and Emerald's: *a sandwich*

Ruby: Not bad...

Emerald: I've had better.

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