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Person A: Team Mystic's going down! >:-) BUUURRRNNNNN!!!!!

Person B: Valor sucks!#JustStoleYourGym #AllOfThem

Person C: Long live the underdog! Team Instinct FTW! *gets glared at by Persons A and B* ... We've got the type advantage?

Crystal: That's what the internet's like? Glad we don't have wifi.

Moon: *hisses* Never say that.

Zoey: What team are you?

Legend: She's talking to you, beloved fans!

Aqua: *starts rapping* Boom chicka boom, boom.

Lee: That's what-

Admin: Lee said before he died! ^_^ *smiles sweetly*

Legend: Only one strategic option left.

Lee: Nuclear bombs?

Legend: RUNNNNN!!!!!!!! *takes all hosts into the anime world except A and Shana*

A: Whoo Whoo! We got the place to ourselves!

Green: Now's the perfect time to-

Everyone: Don't even try it.

-evil laughter in the distance-

Emerald: Anyone else hear that? No?

-slightly louder evil laughter-

Emerald: Anybody?

Gold: Shhh. It's okay Emerald. We'll find you a nice mental hospital.

However, none of them noticed the evil that was to come. Of the darkness, of the fear.

Shana: So ... Dares?

A: Wait a tick. *makes a life-sized candy castle and places Dia inside*

A: Now we're ready.



have emerald teach high school for a day where all of his students are like 3 feet taller than him

Emerald: Are you ______ kidding me?

A: Feel free to fill in what you like in that sentence.


Emerald: Now class-

Student#398: *spitballs*

Emerald: *eye twitch*

Student#214: Is he even old enough to be out of diapers?

Emerald: *vein bulge*

Student#567: *plays Jacob Sartorius at maximum volume*

Emerald: That's it! Detention, detention, detention!

Student#643: Is this cause I was chewing gum?

Student#2: Is this cause I made a meme of you?

_school explodes_

-evil laughter continues-

Crystal: I seriously think Gold's crazy has infected me. What is that?

Legend: It's ... Another temp!

Karuta: Mwahahahah! *bows* Nice to meet you.

Legend: We'll do his dares later! Sorry!

Everyone: wut


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