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Mall Dates Nicknames and Kisses

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Legend: Hello, readers! We're back!

Sapphire: Shh! We're trying to listen!

Legend: Right now, we're watching Platina with $15 and the Kanto Team's dates.

Sapphire: What about 'Shh!' do you not understand?

----With Platina----

Platina: Are these the stores where you and Dia get your commoner clothes?

Pearl: *sigh* Yes, Missy.

Diamond: My mom makes most of mine...

Platina: Oh! Your mother, Johanna?

Diamond: Yes.

----The Date (Movies)----

Yellow: Ah!!!!

RandomGuy: Will you shut her up?

Red: What did you say?

RandomGuy: I said, shut her up. Are you deaf?

Green: Uh-oh.

Blue: Oh, I want to see how this ends.

Green: The movie?

Blue: No, this *points to RandomGuy and Red who are arguing*. It's much more exciting.

RandomGuy: You wanna settle this with a battle?

Red: ...

Yellow: Red?

Red: Yes!

RandomGuy: Do you know who I am? I came in 16th place in the Kanto Tournament!

Red: Do you know who I am?

*steps outside*

RandomGuy: Ah! You're Champion Red!

Blue: Place your bets here!

Green: Of course...

*Red won, of course*

Blue: Hehe, I made a killing...

Green: Pesky woman.


Moon: How was it?

Platina: Those commoner things have no class at all! How can you shop there?!

Pearl: I feel insulted for some reason.

Dia: *munches on donut*

Moon: Did she buy anything?

Pearl: Yeah, a donut.

Platina: I do not understand how you can eat such greasy, low quality food!

Yellow: Red was amazing! He beat some guy...

Red: Sorry I ruined the date.

Blue: You didn't ruin it! It was entertaining and I made some quick cash!

Green: ...

Admin: Now that you're back, time for dares!

Everyone: *groan*

Legend: Yes, groan. Our first dares are from Bookloverfan!

I dare red and yellow to do seven minutes in heaven and for Crystal to kiss gold ( is it ok if I be there )

Legend: *makes Bookloverfan appear* Now what nickname do you want?

Bookloverfan: You're asking me?

Ruby: If more people start coming, it'll get crowded.

Emerald: No durr, Sherlock.

Moon: How 'bout BLF?

Admin: Sounds like BLT.

Legend: Bookie?

Admin: Do you have anything else? Anything creative?

Moon: You try making something up!

Admin: Fine then! How about Love?

Legend: Bookie's better.

Bookloverfan: I'm fine with either.

Legend: Bookie it is! Feel free to ask me to change it! Start the dares!

Red: Again, what's seven minutes in heaven?

Legend: I think it's when two people sit in a closet...

Green: You're worse then Red.

Bookie: Just do my dare! *Red and Yellow are shoved in closet*

_4 minutes later_

Red: Help! There's something wrong with Yellow!

Moon: Let's just leave them.

Admin: Yeah.

_2 minutes later_

White: Is that a pool of blood coming from the closet?

Legend: We really should open the door...

Moon: We can wait another minute.

_1 minute later_

Red: *comes out carrying an unconscious Yellow*

Gold: Woah, dude, you...

Red: It's not what you think! Yellow passed out!

Gold: So you did...

Red: We were attacked by monsters! You tossed us in the Pit of Despair Closet!

Black: Looks like she lost a lot of blood...

Legend: *heals* I told you we shoulda opened the door!

Yellow: What happened?

Blue: You passed out.

Yellow: I did? O////O

Legend: Now Crystal and Gold, kiss!

Crystal: Never.

Gold: Don't be like that, you know you wan- *Crystal kicks Gold in the face*

Admin: Does kissing him with her foot count?

Bookie: I guess...

Legend: I do not own Pokespe. Sayounara for now, Pokefans!

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