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Legend: Hey poke freaks! Time for our dares!

Admin: Hey, you might offend someone!

Bookie: How?

Admin: She just called them freaks!

Moon: -.-' You know GameFreak, right?

Admin: Yeah...

Moon: GameFreak makes Pokèmon. Combine them and you get...

Admin: Oh.

Legend: As I was saying *cue glare* here our are first dares from aceg111!

I dare Gold to have a two minute conversation with a wall or chair(someone record).Emerald has to cover the people on his left and right with tolet paper to make them look like mummies.everyone has to go on a treasure hunt and whoever wins gets to do something with one other person

Gold: Do I have to?

Bookie: Yes. :3

Gold: Kittyface, really? *walks up to wall* Hello Wall.

Wall: ...

Gold: Giving me the silent treatment, eh? Think you're better than me?!

Emerald: Creepy. Crys, what do you see in him?

Crystal: I don't know.

Wall: ...

Gold: Speak to me! Are you deaf!?

Wall: ... *this guy is weird*

Blue: He finally cracked.

Green: I think he cracked a long time ago.

Red: It's mean to talk about people behind their backs!\>.</

Blue: Sweet, sweet, innocent Red...

Yellow: I'm with him. It's not nice to talk about people that way!

Red: Yes!

Blue: No!

Yellow: Especially people in his condition!

Red: No!!

Blue: Yes!

--2 minutes later--

Gold: That is one stuck-up wall. Refused to talk to me.

Leo: He's insane.

Legend: What are you still doing here?

Leo: Had some time to relax before Blood of Olympus.

Legend: Relax somewhere else! *makes Leo dissappear*

Admin: Stop mixing your fandoms!

Legend: Sorr-ee!

White: I got it all on tape. Should I put it on Youtube?

Black: Yes!

Emerald: *looks to his sides*

Ruby: Oh-

Pearl: Dear. *both run*

-one chase scene later-

Ruby: This is hideous!!

Pearl: Mph mph mph mm! (At least you can talk)

White: I got that on tape too. Youtube?

Blue: Absolutely!

Ruby: No! My career as a contester will go down the drain!

Emerald: Sweet revenge.

Pearl: Mph!! Mph! (Untie me! Now!)

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