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Narrator: We return to see our heroes being threatened by some strange young girls. Seemingly harmless, the girls have kept our heroes-

Zoey: Who do you think signs your paychecks?

Narrator: ... I'm getting paid?

Lee: *quietly* Who are you calling a girl? *takes out his katana*

Narrator: *sweats nervously* Coming up on our show!


I dare all the girls to get thrown into lava and all the boys to get frozen into an iceberg in Antartica! (Including all Host and guest)

Crystal: Haven't we done this already?

Gold: Separately, yes. Even I know that. Get with the program, SSG!

Legend: *snaps fingers and transports all females into a volcano* CANNONBALL!!!

Lee: *looks at remaining people* Let's go.

Narrator: Wait, me too?

Lee: You a dude?

Narrator: ... Maybe?

Lee: *snaps fingers and transports them to the frozen wasteland*

- Five days later -

Legend: We're home~ *looks at complete empty HQ*

Crystal: Seems the boys never came back.

Moon: *sneaky grin* So glad I gave us Instant Revives.

Zoey: Yes, gamer instincts are so handy in real life.

Faitsu: Just a suggestion, but why don't we just leave the boys in Antartica?

Everyone: *intense stares*

Faitsu: O-Or not.

Blue: You hide a devious soul behind those sparkly eyes.

Crystal: You've finally gotten sick of Rakutsu.


Make silver have a meet and greet with all his fangirls. ALL OF THEM.

Aqua: Oh that is cruel.

Akina: Who did that?

- In Antartica -

Ruby: So much snow! The inspiration!

Emerald: I wish I could see something besides white.

Black: I miss White.

Red: *peers over another snow hill* What's that?

Green: A fangirl apocalypse. *points at thousands of teenage girls*

Fangirls: Silver ... Silver ...

Gold: No love for me? Where are my fangirls?

Rakutsu: Nonexistent. Is it just me, or are Silver's legions getting closer?

Fangirls: Silver ... Silver ... Silver ...

Narrator: In a scene similar to the Walking Dead, our young heroes find themselves approached by strange creatures. Will they run? Or will they fight?

Lee: Run. Run!

- Back at HQ -

Legend: Poor Lee. He's still so new at this, you know?

Admin: He's been here for like ten chapters.

Legend: Still so new. *shakes head sadly*

Moon: *grins evilly and sends a dare to Lee*

Blue: *grins evilly and sends something too*

Moon: Wait, why are you grinning?

Blue: Why are you grinning? *tilts head to the side*

Moon: You say nothing, I say nothing.

Blue: Deal.

Crystal: I saw everything.

- In Antartica -

Lee: Oh no.

Rakutsu: What? Are they catching up? *looks for rabid fangirls*

Lee: No. My host senses ... They're tingling. *falls to his knees*

Red: What does that mean?!

Green: It means things are about to get worse.

Lee: Please ... Run ... I can't ... Hold it in ...

Black: We would never leave you!

Others: *shift nervously*

Emerald: Such a real shonen protagonist, huh?

Lee: I'm sorry ... I can't-


I dare everyone to go in partners (ur choice) and go in a haunted house

Lee: No! My friends, you must run!

Emerald: Where did that creepy abandoned mansion come from?

Lee: *disappears*

Ruby: We don't have to go inside, right? I mean-

Fangirl #1: Eee!!! Where did this flyer come from?

Fangirl #2: It says if we can take the boys' shirts, Blue will give us secretly taken photos of them!

Fangirl #3: I wanted their shirts off anyway!!

Ruby: And into the mansion we go!

Lee: *weakly* 13thLegend does not own Pokemon. Please support the original release.

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