The Dex Holder Thieves!

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Legend: Gasp!!!!!

Black: What's the matter with her?

Moon: How am I supposed to know?!

Legend: Hoooray!!!!

Admin: Ignore her. Here are our dares from me!!! I dare you all to watch my favorite movie.... Friday the Thirteen *puts on Jason Voorhees mask*

Blue: And that's not creepy at all...

Legend: Yipppeeee!!!!!!

Moon: What's the matter with you!?

Legend: Blood of Olympus was awesome...ish...

Admin: What did I say about mixing your fandoms?!!??!

Bookie: Total déjà vu...

Moon: I know...

Gold: C'mon! It can't be that bad!

Crystal: Why do I feel like this has happened before...

---After the Movie---

Diamond: *rocks back and forth on his knees muttering gibberish*

Yellow: ....

Red: Yellow?

Yellow: ...

Red: Speak to me!*shakes Yellow violently*

Yellow: ...

Green: She's in shock.

Blue: Sort of like Red when he found out Yellow was a girl.

Black: *passed out with foam coming out of his mouth*

Emerald: Funny...

White: How is this funny?! He's not even this bad when his brain overloads!

Platina: Is he a robot?

Emerald: Funny because I expected you two to pass out. Where's Ruby?

Sapphire: He took Wally to the hospital when he had an asthma attack from screaming too much.

Crystal: Is that possible? And Wally was here?

Sapphire: They left in the middle.

Moon: You sure he didn't plan that with Ruby to get out of the movie?

Sapphire: I'll kill that prissy boy when he gets back!!!

Admin: Mwahahahaha!!!!!

Gold: See? Not so bad.

Silver: .... I've seen worse...

Bookie: His sense of fear is messed up.

Legend: Which one?

Bookie: Both.

Moon: I dare Crystal to have 1 hour in heaven with Gold!

Crystal: You cruel, cruel person.

Legend: I still seriously do not know what it is.

Red: Same.

Legend: I only know what to do from other fanfics! (A/N Seriously!!!!)

Admin: It's better if you never know.

Crystal: >knocks Gold unconscious< There.

Bookie: Why did you do that?

Crystal: Did you really think I'd stay for one hour in a closet with GOLD?

Bookie: Not that. Why did you change the * to > and <?

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