Akina and Candy

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Aqua: *raises curtain*

Zoey: *closes curtain*

Aqua: *raises curtain*

Zoey: *closes curtain*

Moon: *tears curtain down with a giant chainsaw*

Admin: We just get more violent by the second.

Gold: *looks at Crystal*

Crystal: What?

Gold: Nothing!

Legend: Zzzzzz....

Zoey: As you can see, our host is asleep. To waken your host, please press the-

Moon: *revs chainsaw*

Legend: I'm up! Dares from tophy2000

I dare Red, Green, Silver, Blue, Crystal, and Ruby to take the hotsauce challenge. Btw I love this, can I pls join?!?

Aqua: Obviously! *makes Tophy appear*

Tophy: Glad to be here! Now, hotsauce!


Red: *passed out*

Blue: *pukes*

Green: ...

Green: *runs for the restroom*

Silver: *drinks* Yummy.

Gold: I can do it too! *drinks an entire bottle of hotsauce that is suspiciously brown* See!

Crystal: You cleaned it out and filled it with soda. I'll show you how it's done. *drinks from hotsauce bottle*

Crystal: *weakly* See?

Ruby: *whistles*

Tophy: Drink it.

Admin: Drink it.

Aqua: He doesn't have to drink it! You guys are so mean!

Ruby: Are you serious?

Aqua: Sure!

Ruby: Yes!

Sapphire: Don't trust her!

Aqua: Just step right here. *points to a red x*

Red X: Somebody call?

Admin: Violation!

Legend: Superheroes!

Zoey: Supervillains.

Ruby: *steps on X* Now what?

Aqua: Nothing. Pull the lever!

Moon: *pulls the lever*

Igor: *pulls lever*

Ruby: *falls through trapdoor into the Great Barrier Reef filled with hotsauce*

Sapphire: Told ya.

Rakutsu: That can't be healthy!

Faitsu: The poor fish...

Blue: Listen, I love animals as much as the next person.

Next Person: I hate animals!

Blue: But seriously! That's too much compassion!

Emerald: Poor fish.

Blue: Not you too!

Emerald: To be stuck with Ruby is a fate worse than death.

Fate: I concur.

Blue: ... I agree.

Admin: Who brought in the weird guy?!

Ruby: Mmm Mmm mn! (I can hear you all)

Aqua: Buh-bye! *transports Ruby to Pluto*

Legend: Next dares *star winks* from AyuzawaAkina!!

I dare Silver and Lyra to do 7 minutes in heaven (SOULSILVER!!) and I dare Sapphire to wear dresses Ruby made for a whole chapter, and can I join?

Legend: Of course! *Akina appears*

Akina: Yo!

Zoey: Please note that because of excess people, no more people may join. *bows* Thank you.

Moon: Except for CANDYNINJA101401. We'll bring you in later.

Akina: *tosses Lyra and Silver into closet*

Aqua: That's the spirit, newbie!

Legend: Can I just say I LOVE HoneyWorks? Adorable!! *fangirl sighs*

-Inside Closet-

Silver: *picks up strange fruit* What is this?

Luffy: The Devil's Fruit.

Lyra: *screams*

-Outside Closet-

Pearl: What the heck is going on in there?

White: Extra! What's going on inside the closet? Any thoughts from the experts?

Blue: *pushes her imaginary glasses up smartly* Glad you asked. As you all know, 7 minutes in heaven is known for-

Yellow: Blue-san!

Red: Let's give them the benefit of the doubt!

White: Senior Green, any thoughts? Senior Green?

Gold: He's still puking.

-Silver and Lyra come out of closet carrying Luffy-

Red: See?

Akina: Any kissing?

Silver: Heck no.

Admin: *kicks Luffy to the bottom of a volcano* Next!

Sapphire: R-Ruby's on Mars! I can't wear his dresses if he ain't here!

Zoey: He's on Pluto. You'll do it next chapter.

Moon: Now for CANDYNINJA101401

Ok I HAVE BEEN SUGGESTING THIS BUT MY PHONE IS STUPID. everyone (no authors) + N watch chucky and then have to face off the annabelle doll. and side request PWEATY PLZ can I join u guys

Legend: I can just tell it's horror. I'm not going to look it up, 'Kay?

Moon: *brings in CANDYNINJA101401*


Admin: Woo! Horror! Finally!

Aqua: So, CANDYNINJA101401, what do we call you?

Diamond: Candy...

Moon: Candy it is!

Candy: *locks all Dexholders in a mansion with doll*

Admin: *watches intensely*

Dexholders: *come back dead*

Legend: I'm so glad I didn't look it up! *brings them back to life*

Admin: Movie!

Akina: I got the red popcorn!

Zoey: Why is it...? Nevermind.

-After movie-

Gold: Compared to the doll, that wasn't so bad.

Crystal: *stops holding onto Gold*

Silver: *rolls eyes*

Legend: Buh-bye! I'll try to update soon!

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