The Super Duper Extra Long Chapter

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Candy: Hey, where is everyone?

Blue: We're right here.

Candy: I meant the other hosts.

Aqua: *looks around* Is another Admin robot gonna appear?

Akina: Legend left a note.

Me, Lee, and Admin are going away for a while. The chapter's yours. Try to get through without killing anyone. ~ ☺️🐾🍄🌵🌐🌱🌳🍂LEGEND🌿🌼🍃🌒🌏🌊📙✏️🎸🎷

Candy: Alright, let's party!

P.S. No partying. ChibiAdmin will watch you.

ChibiAdmin: I'm watching you. O.o

Zoey: I'm in charge.

Moon: No, I am! I have seniority.

Green: *whispers* There's less of them. We can take them.

Ruby: You're crazy! We'll die.

Gold: But they'll have to bring us back to life!

Akina: Did Gold just say something smart?

Candy: Punishment~

Moon: Torture!

Zoey: *sends Green, Gold, and Ruby to the Pokemon Anime world*

Ruby: But I'm innocent!

Aqua: *stares in awe* You are cruel.

Moon: T-That's one of the worse tortures of all!

ChibiAdmin: What's so bad about the anime?

Hosts: *gasp* The taboo!

Silver: *brings in a scene change*

Crystal: The GSC will take over dares for the time being. *shoots sparks out of her hands*

Emerald: How? How do you have host powers?

Crystal: No clue.

Akina: *pops gum bubble* I gave them to you cuz I was bored.

Crystal: Alright. Let's do this!

are me and Ruby9060 the only one daring black gender bender time

Candy: Poof.

Black: Now no one can judge me for being loud!

White: That's sexist.

Rakutsu: Why'd I get turned into a girl too? *thinks* This is not going to look good on my report.

Aqua: You're Black, too.

Moon: Because you're BlackTwo, Rakutsu.

Pearl: Are our puns that bad?

Platina: *nods unconsciously*

Pearl: Really?

Diamond: *starts to tear up*

Platina: I apologize. I meant yes. No.

Pearl: Yes or no?!

Platina: Yes.

Diamond: We do suck?!

Platina: No!

Blue: Be honest.

Green: Like you ever are.

Aqua: Hummm~

Moon: Watcha doin'?

Aqua: Becoming psychic to find out the next dares.

Zoey: *puts sticky note on Aqua's head*


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