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Legend: *cries a billion tears*

Goldenskies171 : Hi!

Lee: This 13thLegend's friend, Goldenskies171. Legend agreed to do some advertising.

Admin: What are we, a billboard?

Zoey: *opens mouth*

Lee: She will be leaving. *pushes Goldenskies171 into the Wattpad Portal*

Tophy: Now that that's over with... *rings a giant bell*

Aqua: Time for dares!

Akina: *claps symbols*

Admin: And now we're a musical.


I dare all of the DexHolders to capture Arceus, who is really pissed at them :)

Lee: *stares*

Admin: *stares*

Legend: *stops crying and stares*

Zoey: No cursing! \=.=/

Gold: Arceus. Big deal.

Emerald: Yeah. Not like he's the Pokemon that created the FREAKIN' UNIVERSE.

Tophy: *hands Dia the super secret ultimate weapon*

Dia: ....

Pearl: Don't eat it!!

Crystal: All right, rookies. Leave this to the professional. *cracks knuckles*

Moon: Like kicking Arceus in the face worked so well last time.

Blue: Leave it to the actual professionals, sweetheart. *flips hair*

Crystal: I have a license.

Blue: I have a Silver.

Silver: I better not be the bait.


Silver: Why am I the bait?!

Gold: Cause you're cute. What is wrong with me?!

Emerald: Everything. How can Crystal like you?!

Gold: *blushes* She likes me?

Green: We already covered this!

- Arceus Appears -

Diamond: *chucks Master Ball*

- Arceus was captured -

Tophy: *sips cocoa* How anticlimactic.

Candy: You planned that!

Tophy: Where's your proof?

Candy: ...

Lee: *pats Candy's shoulder* Don't worry. We'll catch her someday.

Legend: *continues crying*


i dare for red to continue being an ana- ur something? ( i mean villian ) and yellow to turn into a polgerist ( ghost ) and start scaring every body and host into the t or d place. two random host visits N's house of terrors! gold die of perverty girls and boys and pervert version of sliver acttack crystal and blue ( what does slivery do, jump into a volcanoe! )

Red: ....

Akina: Ah, the silent type villain. They're pretty bad, I guess.

Red: *holds blood covered knife*

Akina: See? Totally saw that coming.

Red: *attacks*

Akina: Kyaa! I saw this coming too!

Yellow: *waves arms* Boo-

~Buzzer blasts three times~


Blue: Stop. That was just horrible. Where did you even get the guts to stand here and do that in front of us?

Rakutsu: *sips soda* Very flat. Not to mention cliche.

Soul: I think it was very brave to get up here on this stage and do that. Take a few acting classes-

Blue: And fake blood!

Soul: - and you might actually have something. But you'll have to get rid of the see-through thing.

Rakutsu: It's really cliche.

Yellow: Uh .. sure. *floats away with the Drifloon*

Red: *blows up stage*

Blue: She did have great special effects.

Ruby: Why wasn't I a judge?! I have actual contest experience!

Zoey: Reasons and ... more reasons.

Moon: You're not super nice, super mean, or super funny. You have zero judge potential.

= At N's House of Terrors =

N Voiceover: And here is the environment being impacted by humanity's pollution. A disgusting sight.

Lee: *yawns*

Admin: *wakes up* Did something happen?

N Voiceover: Now we have a picture of a once beautiful meadow now covered in concrete...

Admin: Nope.

= After =

Lee: We actually paid thirty dollars to see that.

~ The Unspeakable Happens To Gold ~

Moon: *brings him back to life*

~ The Unspeakable Happens To Silver ~

Blue: Silver, you know I love you, right?

Silver: *drools*

Blue: I just- *sighs* Crystal!

Crystal: *kicks Silver into volcano* You were a good friend!

Candy: *fires gun*


Thanks for using my dares. I dare the dexholders to react to the first episode of Attack on Titan

Legend: *hugs pokemonlover2* I love you!!!


Gold: Awesome.

Crystal: It's a giant metaphor!

Green: Decent animation.

Blue: Aw, Armin's so cute~

Ruby: I like the uniform.

Sapphire: Ya wouldn't last a day.

Emerald: 3DMGs ...

Yellow: Titans probably need a little love. Then we can all be friends!

Hange: Yes! I should try that!

Levi: *sighs*


Red: Who're they? They look a little familiar.

Aqua: *sips slurpee* Second arc folk.

Admin: *sends Levi and Hange to Wall Rose* NO SPOILERS!!!!!

Lee: Sorry. That's all for now.

Legend: I'll try to update later this week!

Admin: And if we don't ...

Legend: We'll do another super duper extra long chapter!


Moon: See ya!

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