Hunger Games Matchmaking and Maids

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Legend: Hello

Moon: Pokefans

Bookie: Get ready

Emerald: For what?

Admin: For our first dares! You ruined it!

Moon: Punishment, punishment, punishment...

Legend: I can't think of a good punishment...

Ruby: What about the closet?

Emerald: Are you trying to get me killed?!

Legend: That's too much like a walker pit...

Moon: I see.

Legend: Really sorry about that!

Sapphire: How 'bout kissing?

Emerald: Are you two trying to kill me!? It sounds like you planned this?!

Ruby: ...

Sapphire: ...

Emerald: You two actually planned this?! >•€

Gold: That's awesome!

Crystal: What's with that face?

Emerald: It's an ogre. >•€

Legend: That won't work either. I don't know who Em hates.

Emerald: It's Rald!

Bookie: Time for are first dares from aceg111!

i dare everyone to do the hunger games.pearl has to do a comedy routine with emerald

Admin: I'll go get popcorn!

Moon: You know, everyone includes us.

Admin: Dangnabbit!

Silver: Pfft...

Admin: You got something to say?

Silver: ...

Admin: Thought so.

Legend: Into the arena!

----one week later----

Announcer: And the victor of the 76th Hunger Games is *drumroll* Blue!

---brings everyone back to life---

Admin: That girl is scary!

Moon: Want to know what she's scared of?

Admin: Sure?

Moon: Bird type Pokèmon! *takes out a Pidove*

Admin: What is that? A mix of pigeon and dove?!

Bookie: Yes.

Admin: Seriously?

Legend: Yup.

Admin: O.O

Blue: I got over that when I was fifteen.

Admin: Fifteen?

Blue: *twirls a knife* Yeah?

Admin: Nothing. *Pidove disappears*

Bookie: Do a comedy act!

Pearl: Speaking of Pokèmon...

Emerald: There are no Pokèmon here.

Diamond: I've been replaced... *sadly munches on donut*

Pearl: I can't work with him. He's too serious!

Diamond: Yay! *happily munches on donut*

Legend: At least finish the routine!

Pearl: Fine... Poke marts sell lots of potions, don't they!

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