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Love In The Darkside (Pokespe) by Nightels_Scarlett
Love In The Darkside (Pokespe)by TryHardPrincess
Yellow finally get the courage to confess to Red. But why did he reject? The question lingers to the heartbroken blonde as Blue came to investigate the situation. Later...
  • romance
  • red
  • evil
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Truth Or Dare With Pokemon! :D by I_my_me_idol
Truth Or Dare With Pokemon! :Dby ☆~ᴍʏsᴛᴇʀɪᴄ~☆
~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~ Lets all tour- I mean spend quality time with the characters from Pokemon special! ~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~ I DO NOT OWN...
  • preciousmetal
  • truthordare
  • frantic
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Pokespe Truth or Dare by 13thLegend
Pokespe Truth or Dareby Legend
Once upon a time, a girl named Legend became bored. Organized chaos ensued. Disclaimer: I don't own Pokemon Special, the cover, or any pictures.
  • truthordare
  • dares
  • funny
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School, Dating, and Saving the World by 13thLegend
School, Dating, and Saving the Wor...by Legend
The Dex Holders have time to save the world, but what about their everyday lives? Includes one shots. Disclaimer: 13thLegend does not own Pokespe, the cover, or any of t...
  • special
  • pokemonadventures
  • oneshot
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Trainer Magic Academy [Pokémon Fanfic] by the_KawaiiKitty
Trainer Magic Academy [Pokémon Fan...by Ashley 🏳️‍🌈🇵🇭
What would you do if you were stuck in a world that had a Boys VS Girls war? You'd want to get along of course! Dawn Berlitz, May Maple, Leaf Green, Iris, Crystal Sky...
  • oldrival
  • otp
  • soulsilver
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Pokespe one shots by DaAmazingPotatooo
Pokespe one shotsby Toturka
Ships are: Oldrival Special Magnaquest Frantic Chess P.s these won't be for sure but probs and I might do others like soulsilve I don't this is just whenever I want k?
  • frantic
  • special
  • shortstories
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Treasure Hunt : The Peridot [DISCONTINUED] by UniversalPlatinumQue
Treasure Hunt : The Peridot [DISCO...by Nahi
A young female thief is after some treasure. Not an ordinary treasure, it's a legendary treasure about some special jewels and metals. Twelve jewels and three metals th...
  • blue
  • fanfic
  • friendship
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Pokemon Truth or Dare + Oneshots by pikachufess246
Pokemon Truth or Dare + Oneshotsby PokeMasterPuka
You guys will be commenting any dares for the Pokespe! Also comment your fav ships from Pokemon and I'll try to make some Oneshots of them! Don't forget to stay cool!
  • oneshots
  • pokespe
  • getinvolved
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My Rant Book by _pokeanime_
My Rant Bookby Ash
Just rants nothing more.
  • amourshippingwatties
  • pokemon
  • ashxserena
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POKE ONE-SHOTS by ashpile227
Just a one-shot book. that's it. there will be other one-shots that aren't in this book, but they are more "one chapter short stories ranging from about 1000-3000 w...
  • blondeleader
  • amour
  • ikari
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Red X Reader by HeartfiliaSenna
Red X Readerby SennaToushirou
This story contains my oc : Senna What happens when all of the dex holder was thrown into the world of highschool which is involved romance and friendship.
  • pokespe
  • red
  • xoc
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The 5th Element »»Pokespe AU«« by raizannedyanramos
The 5th Element »»Pokespe AU««by Shikaki Miku
Fire.Water.Earth.Air. that's what all people know: only 4 elements exist...but there are two more. The 5th and the Forbidden Fire warms the world Earth forms the world W...
  • pokespe
  • commoner
  • mangaquest
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PokeSpe Sun and Moon(On Hold) by Peanutsfan1
PokeSpe Sun and Moon(On Hold)by Rebecca
You guys all know the regular plot of Pokémon Sun and Moon, right? But what if, in an alternate universe, the characters were from PokeSpe? That's what this is about. Jo...
  • pokepower
  • oldrival
  • preciousmetal
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The cabin (leafgreenshipping) oneshot by mermer710
The cabin (leafgreenshipping) ones...by Mermer
  • oldrivalshipping
  • pokemon
  • cabin
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Valentine's Day [Pokémon] by fuiopixile
Valentine's Day [Pokémon]by fuiopixile
Ever wonder what the Dex-Holders do on Valentine's Day?
  • oneshot
  • romance
  • greenxblue
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PokéShots by MariKibs
PokéShotsby MariKibs
One shots on pokemon. Can range in anything if you ask in a comment. Hint hint, wink wink. Also a continuation from MariniKibs
  • oneshots
  • green
  • crossovers
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Let me kiss you by Blue_Eich
Let me kiss youby Blue_Eich
Gli occhi di Blue, mentre ammirava distrattamente il firmamento, tradivano un'evidente nota di noia. «Cosa faresti se una ragazza ti baciasse?»
  • fluff
  • green
  • oldrivalshipping
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Shall We Skate? by starflower06
Shall We Skate?by starflower06
The Dexholders visit an iceskating ink for some wintery fun! Written as a Christmas one-shot. Includes Olrivalshipping, Specialshipping, Mangaquestshipping, Soulsilversh...
  • pokemon
  • pokemonadventures
  • specialshipping
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