☃Let It Snow☃

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Legend here! Time to update again.

Oh, good. It hasn't been a month. I'm surprised people still read this.

Ha! Yeah, right.

Blue, please shut up.

You shut up.

Aren't you forgetting something?

Really? What? It can't be important.

OUR NAMES. The audience won't know who's talking.

Legend: Pffft. I's jus messin' wit ya. Ain't lik its tha 'portant.

Zoey: Language! *throws a grammar book at Legend*

Legend: I was kidding! I was kidding! *light bulb turns on above Legend's head*

Lee: Oh, Arceus. She's had an idea.

Legend: *starts her evil laughter* Wahahahaha!

Gold: I can do a totally better laugh than that. Mwahahaha!

Ruby: *scoffs* MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Emerald: *dumps bucket of cold water on Ruby's head* Ha.

Blue: Hoho! Emerald, you crushing on Ruby?

Emerald: How did you get that from me dumping a bucket of- Oh, schist! *runs away*

Sapphire: IM GOING TO KILL YOU!!!!! *chases after Rald*


PercyJackson: I said that! That's my line! Schist is my thing!

Admin: Must I say it?

Leo: Dude, we better leave. *Percy and Leo disappear*

Aqua: Give me a D!

Akina: Give me a A!

Aqua: Give me a R!

Akina: Give me a T!

Aqua: *anime style falls*

Legend: What's that spell? *waves cheerleader pompoms*

Admin: Dart. It spells dart.

Lee: *joins Aqua on the floor*

Moon: Pfff. Close enough. Dares from MayYao0.

I dare for only Rakutsu to be sent to the sun and back, if he is still alive end his life in the most painful way ever.Twice. Black white and B2W2 ( if possible) to skydive into a pool full of acid and shark like pokemon ( no parachute).

Rakutsu: Isn't jumping into the sun already the most painful way to die?

Admin: As if! There's- *gets hit in the head with a frying pan*

Rapunzel: Cash.

Blue: *hands off money*

Faitsu: *pales*

Gold: Sorry, kid. You're about to get shipped.

Rakutsu: So ...

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