Lee's In Charge

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Lee stood in the center of a large white room filled with Dexholders and hosts.

"Legend's on vacation, so I'm in charge," he said.

"What the heck is with this format!?" complained Aqua.

Lee: What? This better?

Aqua: I'm watching you. O.•

Lee: Eh.

"Why is my format still like this?!" yelled Moon.

Lee: I'm not doing anything.

"Of course not. I'm talking like this cuz I want to," Moon said sarcastically.

Lee: Whatever.

Moon: Thank you!

Akina: Second chapter. Woo! *raises flag*

Candy: 🎌 Woo!

Admin: 🎊🎉

Zoey: Admin? You okay?

Admin: 😓

Lee: She can only communicate through emoticons! Isn't this fun?

Moon: Would it be bad if we killed another host?

Admin: 💣

Lee: Why thank you, I am da bomb!


White: First dares from

Black: *drumrolls*

White: MayYao0

I dare everyone to do something unnatural and then play Hunger Games( with more dangerous stuff ), blue not included in the last dare.

Crystal: Traitor to your own kind.

Blue: Why can't I compete?! *pouts and puts away her crossbow*

Green: You won the last one, pesky woman.

Blue: Only because the competition was so weak and scrawny!

Green: Who are you calling scrawny?

Pearl: *looks at himself* Eh...

Red: I'm weak? Me, the Champion of Kanto?

Yellow: Who are you, and what have you done with Red?

Ruby: *becomes a human pretzel*

Diamond: *tries to eat the pretzel*

Faitsu: So we've resorted to that, have we?

Rakutsu: You know you want me.

Faitsu: I'd rather starve.

Emerald: *turns into a croissant*

Gold: I knew it!

Crystal: *transforms into Crystal Z2, the ultimate fighting machine*

Gold: I should run, right?


Zoey: Translation?

Lee:Im too lazy to do the others, okay? So don't blame me and also, they changed back to their original forms too.

Moon: How do you make the Hunger Games more dangerous?

Candy: Go Battle Royale style and give them a three day time limit?

Lee: Three days is too long. Make it six hours.

Silver: That's impossible! You can't hunt and kill this many armed people in six hours while fighting in a giant death trap!

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