Kavisa + Dares

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Legend: Hi guys! Thanks for over 100 comments! You're the best!

White: We're blatantly advertising 13thLegend's new book, Kavisa: The Journey!!! Check it out!

Admin: ...

Lee: It kinda sorta doesn't suck!

Legend: *whacks him on the head*

Black: *blows cannon*

Rakutsu: *fires gun*

Hugh: *dies*

Rakutsu: Whoops.

Zoey: *brings him back to life*

Admin: She's using us for advertisement?!

Lee: I tried to stop her.

Moon: So ...

Legend: So ...

Aqua: So what? Time for dares!


I dare blue and green to have a prank war and red and yellow to go on a REALLY DANGEROUS rollercoaster

Blue: Yes! *throws pie in Green's face*

Green: *dodges* This is stupid.

Pranksters of the World: *gasp and dump three thousand tons of sour cream on Green*

Blue: Not bad. I would have added some strawberry jam, but not bad.

_Three million tons of cherry jam land on Blue_

Blue: I said strawberry!!

Diamond: Yummy!

Pearl: *holds him back* You're going on a diet.

Platina: *nods solemnly*

Candy: Disneyland Matterhorn?

Akina: Or some random mix of every condemned roller coaster in existence?

Red: Number one!

Lee: Number two!

Candy: It's number two! *transport Red and Yellow into the roller coaster*

Yellow: There's no safety harness!

Legend: What's a safety harness?

Red: Oh Arceus. *roller coaster starts* Oh Arceus!!

Gold: Let's go!!

Crystal: I can't believe I'm doing this ...

Yellow: Why are you two here?!

Gold and Crystal: It's on our bucket list.

Blue: I might as well.

|the giant steep hill|

Red: Shouldn't we be slowing down?!

Green: *snickers*

Blue: Greenie!?

Gold: Is the splash pool supposed to be filled with Feraligators?

Green: *muffled laugh*

Crystal: Are those BOMBS on the final turn?!

Green: Mwahahaha!! I am the ultimate prank master!

People on Roller Coaster: Gah! *die*

Zoey: *sips tea and brings them back to life*

Akina: Next! *waves cheerleader pompoms*


I dare ruby and red to battle but ruby uses full power (alot of power)

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