Pillows and Carnivals

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Legend: H-E-L-L-O!

Admin: Why are you talking like T-H-I-S?

Legend: I D-O-N'T K-N-O-W?

Admin: Well, stop. It's hard to read.

Legend: Okay!

Silver: Can I stop smiling now? My lips hurt.

Green: My face hurts.

Legend: No!!Aqua, will you do the honors?

Aqua: Of course! *ties Silver and Green*

Legend: The other honors!

Aqua: Oh. Dares from aceg111!

EVeryone have a crazy speelover with a pillow fight. the manga's have to play the pocky game

Moon: We'll just skip to the pillow fight. Attack! *crushes Aqua with a giant Pikachu pillow*

Aqua: Mfff mff mff! (No fair!)

Zoey: Life's not fair.

Green: So true.

Sapphire: Die, Prissy Boy! *tackles him with a pillow*

Ruby: I surrender! I surrender!

Sapphire: There is no surrendering!

Gold: *sneaks up behind Crystal*

Crystal: *wacks Gold on the head with one of those really hard pillows*

Gold: Hey! You can't use those!

Crystal: A pillow is a pillow.

Dia: *eats a cotton candy pillow*

Pearl: First the desert, now this!

Black: Prepare to be annihilated Prez!

White: Wait! What does annihilated even mean?

Black: Annihilated means- *goes on a lengthy explanation*

White: *sneaks away*

Lyra: *hits Silver on the head*

Silver:*doesn't flinch*

Admin: Wasn't her name Soul?

Legend: She has no official name, and I like Lyra better.

Admin: What the heck?!

Moon: It's what the Heatran!

Zoey: No, it isn't. Don't make up your own curses.

Moon: *pouty face*

Aqua: Pocky game!!

Red: What's the Pocky game?

Yellow: Here. *places Pocky stick in Red's mouth*

Red: Thanks! *eats it*

Yellow: B-But...

Red: ?

Blue: Like this! *puts Pocky stick in Green's mouth and starts eating*

Green: *tries to back away but fails*

Blue: *kisses*

Green: Contrary to my face, I did not enjoy it. (He actually did)

Blue: Sure you did.

Crystal: Let's get this over with. *sticks Pocky in Gold's mouth*

Gold: *starts eating but Pocky breaks*

Sapphire: *puts Pocky in Ruby's mouth*

Ruby: *chokes*

---the rest were uneventful---

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