Heat vs. Cold

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Legend: I'm so happy!!!

Blue: That's not a good thing!!

Legend: Shut up!!!

Zoey: Wow!! That's a lot of dares!

Admin: The last chapter actually worked!!!

Legend: Dares from SooNaSic.

can i dare them to go to sahara desert except the authors and me,yellow and red and can i join the fun?

Legend: Absolutely! *makes Aqua (SooNaSic) appear*

White: No!!! Not another desert!!!

Black: Another?

White: I had to take your unconscious body on Brav the last time!! It was a pain!!

Crystal: Why do people want to join the torture?!

Moon: Cause it's fun.

Sapphire: Why are Yellow 'n Red not going!?

Aqua: Cuz their cute.

Sapphire: I'm cute!

Gold: Me too!

Ruby: I agree.

Gold: O.O

Sapphire: O.O

Everyone: O.O

Sapphire: R-Ruby...

Ruby: What sort of misconception are you people making?! I only agree with Sapphire!

Moon: Sure there isn't any Vainshipping? *raises eyebrows*

Ruby: Arceus no!!

Aqua: And start!! *makes all Dexholders except Yellow and Red disappear*

Red: Where exactly is the Sahara Desert?

Zoey: In Africa. Largest desert in the world.

Red: Will they be alright?

Aqua: I hope not.

-----In da desert-----

Platina: Why is it so hot?

Emerald: It's a desert. Betcha didn't have those in Sinnoh.

Pearl: We don't.

Ruby: Emerald, there aren't any deserts in Hoenn.

Gold: Man, is it hot!

Crystal: It's not that hot.

Gold: Says the girl who's sweating buckets. Where's Silver?

----With Silver, Blue, Rakutsu, and Faitsu----

Rakutsu: Shouldn't we tell the others about the secret underground air conditioned free food temple?

Blue: Nope. ^.^

Faitsu: How wonderful. A whole temple dedicated to-

Silver: Egyptian Pharaohs. We're in a tomb.

Faitsu: Hi-eee!!!

Rakutsu: It's safer over here!;)

Faitsu: I'll take my chances with the mummy.

-----With Green, Diamond, and Sapphire----

Sapphire: Where are we?

Green: Sahara Desert Restaurant.

Diamond: Yay food!!!

------10 hours later--------

Legend: Should we bring them back now?

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