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Pokemon Various Oneshots by Nightels_Scarlett
Pokemon Various Oneshotsby TryHardPrincess
I take on by request :) and I am so so terribly sorry that I DON'T accept yuri and Yaoi :( I don't really know how to write those, but I am NOT against them of any kind...
  • frlgby
  • rse
  • hgssc
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TRUTH OR DARE WITH POKESPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by MoonlightStarlights
Well, we're here with some of the pokespe cast to play a friendly *cough* torturing *cough cough* game of Truth or Dare!
  • pokespe
  • pokemon
  • truthordare
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Reign ☆ POKESPE by kalosbaby
Reign ☆ POKESPEby kalosbaby
As the youngest sister of the six princesses turns twenty, that's when the real things start to happen. Everything from drama, heartbreak, jealousy, and romance - the si...
  • pokespe
  • pokemon
  • specialshipping
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Sometimes in Winter... {A Palletshipping Fanfic} by saitamaisgay
Sometimes in Winter... {A Palletsh...by ava
Ash and Gary have been brought up as vicious rivals since they were kids, and that would never change, even when they must go on a research trip together. Or would it?
  • sinnoh
  • ash
  • garyxash
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Pokespe highschool ( IM BACK) by DaAmazingPotatooo
Pokespe highschool ( IM BACK)by Toturka
I just saying if your looking for sun, moon x or y there in the chapters further in the story. I'm doing heavy editing cuz my early story writing sucked! Please call me...
  • romance
  • pokespe
  • drama
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CITRiNE (Pokémon Fanfic) by FoxcatAI
CITRiNE (Pokémon Fanfic)by 『 Aris。』
『 Leap, and maybe you'll Soar. 』 Jump, and maybe you'll fly; Die, and maybe you'll live. She felt herself breaking, but was simply left alone to crumble. Her heart was...
  • torchic
  • pokespe
  • hoennregion
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Pokespe truth or dare by typlosion4life0
Pokespe truth or dareby Dagger
eh im just following the trend its my first story so dont judge ;-; also i dont own anything in this story
  • franticshipping
  • mangaquestshipping
  • agencyshipping
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Pokemon: Adventures in the sinnoh region by Todotae_in_my_pants
Pokemon: Adventures in the sinnoh...by ~ShoutoTodoroki~
its my adventure through the sinnoh region not using my real name pokespe and pokemon characters included possible boy x boy pair (i said possible maybe last minute a...
  • pokespe
  • pokemonspecial
  • sinnoh
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Sylveon and castle of yougolsavia by DavidMartinez739
Sylveon and castle of yougolsaviaby DavidMartinez739
In October 31 1990 a group of school teen travelers from Canada were caught by 2 warriors from the madoka magica who where tried to kill sylveon and they had to save her...
  • pokespe
  • yougloslavia
Emeralds Guide To Being The Third Wheel (Feat. Pearl And Silver) by starryblaze
Emeralds Guide To Being The Third...by Black is dead and so am I
  • pokemonspecial
  • soulsilvershipping
  • mangaquestshipping
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Pokemon High: Ask the Characters And Me :) by FizzyHichew
Pokemon High: Ask the Characters A...by Hichew
Ask me or any character in my story Pokemon High! Correlates directly with the book Pokespe
  • drama
  • family
  • fanfiction
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Sample by pokebubble
Sampleby kate!
a little sample for a story i've been working on...
  • pokemon
  • pokespe
  • pokemonadventures
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Quiet by JoseBaezBanda
Quietby Jose Baez Banda
La celebración del 14 de febrero es algo bastante importante para unos o banal para otros. Sin embargo, esta fecha resulto ser la excusa perfecta para que tres parejas d...
  • franticshipping
  • sapphire
  • crystal
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Pokespe Truth Or Dare 2!! by Blazegirl121
Pokespe Truth Or Dare 2!!by Blazegirl121
I'm making a new Truth or Dare book! I wanted to continue making a Truth or Dare but I didn't think I'd be able to keep up with the old book so I decided to make a new o...
  • dexholders
  • dare
  • pokespe
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Forest by shinyeevees
Forestby shinyeevees
Yellow is relaxing in Viridian Forest, when Red is passing by. Something unexpected happens, that will make both of them very happy. Oneshot, Specialshipping / RedxYellow
  • red
  • cute
  • kawaii
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One True Champion by leafkanto
One True Championby Leaf
(A Custom Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen Remake) A little girl at the age of ten named Leaf is finally getting her first Pokémon! She dreams of traveling through a journ...
  • pokemonspecial
  • pokemonadventures
  • oldrivalshipping
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Strawberries and Mint by kaigosparkle
Strawberries and Mintby Sam
When Silver meets Gold, he's immediately sure they'll get along great. But he knows he and Gold are just friends, so why do people keep acting like they're not? Even Gol...
  • pokespegold
  • preciousmetalshipping
  • pokespe
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