PokeSpe Truth or Dare! by Musha4DaWin
PokeSpe Truth or Dare!by Ms. Musharna
Let's have fun daring everyone to say their darkest secrets! Join Rose(and Violet and Musharna Gijinka and RR and Flower and Katelyn (AND Munna and Glaceon sometimes) an...
  • agencyshipping
  • mangaquestshipping
  • oldrivalshipping
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Pokespe Truth or Dare by PokespeYellow
Pokespe Truth or Dareby Special
The Pokespe Character together playing truth and dare. Now let begin the tort- no I mean let fun.
  • mangaquestshipping
  • pokemonspecial
  • pokespe
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Pokemon Special (linh tinh các kiểu truyện) by sylveonbeo
Pokemon Special (linh tinh các kiể...by sylveonbeo
Đây là một nồi hầm bà lằng các thứ linh ta linh tinh mà đầu syl có thể nghĩ ra về pokemon special (và có thể còn nhiều thứ khác nữa)
  • pokemon
  • pokespe
pokespe academy by entryninetynine
pokespe academyby the great soge king
Yellow is the name, and I'm just your average girl who somehow gets a scholarship into Professor Oak's academy, How will my days last? What friendships will grow? What p...
  • oldrivalshipping
  • pokespe
  • pokemonmanga
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Shattered Glass: A Pokespe Fanfic by KitkatChan
Shattered Glass: A Pokespe Fanficby Maki best girl
"It wasn't fair, how they all broke apart and she stayed together." ~ Moon, the female dexholder from Alola, has witnessed the downfall of her seniors from o...
  • eclipseshipping
  • dexholders
  • pokespe
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La leyenda a vuelto (Agencyshipping) by ARAV_la_fantasma
La leyenda a vuelto (Agencyshippin...by I'm Fine
Tener y no tener, recordar y olvidar, volver y desaparecer, morir y vivir. ¿Cuál es el valor de eso? Solo me pertenece la historia
  • agencyshipping
  • sad
  • white
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Originalshipping Drabbles by pokemonnovice
Originalshipping Drabblesby Maddy
This is a collection of originalshipping one-shots. Feel free to make suggestions! I feel like I should mention most of these will be ooc. Writing these is a way for me...
  • oneshotcollection
  • fluff
  • pokemonspecial
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Originalshipping Random one shots by Parkkrys
Originalshipping Random one shotsby Parkkrys
Like the title says, just some random one shots for my favourite shipping!
  • redxgreen
  • lemon
  • pokemon
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Except For Them - A Pokéspe Fanfiction by FountainPencil
Except For Them - A Pokéspe Fanfic...by Fountain & Pencil
After years of trying to pair the Pokédex holders together without obvious actions. Blue gives up and straight up asks the remaining pairings who they actually like. T...
  • shounen-ai
  • absurdistshipping
  • crackshipping
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GAY Pokemon One-Shots 2! [REQUESTS...by forever tired and emo
The sequal to my previous one-shot book. Full of gay and lesbians, this book takes nearly any homosexual Pokemon pairing (for example, Preciousmetalshipping) and makes...
  • pkmn
  • gay
  • boyxboy
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Pokespe Truth or Dare by ElysiaTrainer75
Pokespe Truth or Dareby The Mythical Sylveon
I see a lot of people making these so I decide to make one too. So, HELLO everyone... this my first book I've ever made soo I hope you will enjoy reading it 😄
  • pokemon
  • pokespe
  • truth
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Corruptedshipping Drabbles by TheConfusedTurtle
Corruptedshipping Drabblesby A Writing Turtle
(Things that made sense in my head but may not to anyone else) You probably already know who these two are and that's why you're reading this. A collection of oneshots...
  • oneshots
  • pokemonadventures
  • pokespe
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Pokémon Special One-shots by FlyTakai
Pokémon Special One-shotsby FlyTakai
After reading a bunch of one-shot collections I decided to make my own! Disclaimer: I don't own Pokémon Special or any of the art If you want you can request ships but d...
  • pokemon
  • agencyshipping
  • pokespe
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A New Beginning *Originalshipping* by Parkkrys
A New Beginning *Originalshipping*by Parkkrys
Due to bullying, Green and his sister, and Professor Oak moved to Kanto. Where he meets his new friends and a boy with raven black hair with red eyes that he falls in lo...
  • redxgreen
  • other
  • originalshipping
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Nothing Good Lasts Forever-PreciousMetalShipping Songfic by Soar_to_the_Stars
Nothing Good Lasts Forever-Preciou...by Angelina {Star}
Gold and Silver are like a pair of lovebirds; seemingly perfect material to be together forever. But nothing good lasts forever, right? --- I do not own anything in this...
  • lyrics
  • song
  • songs
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Pokespe oneshots by starryblaze
Pokespe oneshotsby Black is dead and so am I
This is what happens when opposites truly come together. Fate changes it all.
  • special
  • commonershipping
  • adventures
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Viridian Kingdom [Under Revision] by Guriburu
Viridian Kingdom [Under Revision]by loves to boop snoots
Green is the prince of Viridian Kingdom. His grandfather finds him a princess to marry, much to the boy's dismay. Princess Blue is a wild one. Can the prince handle her...
  • franticshipping
  • pokemonspecial
  • oldrivalshipping
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Not Everyone get their Happy Ever Afters by Parkkrys
Not Everyone get their Happy Ever...by Parkkrys
Green is in love. But reality hits him and he decides to move on.
  • pokespe
  • happyending
  • sad
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She was born in Heaven (A SpecialShipping Fanfic) by DragonGirl6802
She was born in Heaven (A SpecialS...by What do you mean I can't ship...
(Rated T for some very mild violence and not that many cuss words) (1.56k reads oh hey tysm) Nah who needs descriptions? I'm just warning you guys that this is really ch...
  • crystalxgold
  • silver
  • shipping
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The Masked Children by Silver_Melody333
The Masked Childrenby Silver Melody
We all know how Blue and Silver escaped the masked man, but what if he had replaced them, what if they were dexholders. Now the timeline is broken to a whole new future...
  • pokespe
  • pokemon
  • shipping
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