Curiosity kills by BlueAndSapphire
Curiosity killsby Sapphire birch
Gold being an idiot and looking on online Fourms just might of sent him and the other dexholders too hell Cover made by my fabulous friend
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Pokespe Truth or Dare by PokespeYellow
Pokespe Truth or Dareby Special
The Pokespe Character together playing truth and dare. Now let begin the tort- no I mean let fun.
  • commonershipping
  • truthordare
  • pokemonspecial
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Originalshipping Random one shots by Parkkrys
Originalshipping Random one shotsby Parkkrys
Like the title says, just some random one shots for my favourite shipping!
  • redxgreen
  • originalshipping
  • pokemon
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POKÉBOYS X READER by Kuri-chan52
I love these boys so I'm making a book just for them cuz I feel like they don't get enough love! You can request any boys from the anime or manga series so let's give ou...
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  • pokespe
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Truth Or Dare With Pokemon! :D by I_my_me_idol
Truth Or Dare With Pokemon! :Dby ♡Nu ABO♡
~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~ Lets all tour- I mean spend quality time with the characters from Pokemon special! ~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~ I DO NOT OWN...
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Truth or Dare With Pokespe! by HarukaChanSakuraka
Truth or Dare With Pokespe!by IHateMyself
Ooooh tor- *ahem* I mean... having fun with the pokespe! I won't take any dares on occasions, 'kay? WELCOME TO TRUTH OR DARE WITH POKESPE!!!!! Highest rank: #58 in HUMO...
  • song
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Pokemon Gym Leaders, Champions, Villains And Pokemon Special Character's React To Shipping's by Superbuddy200
Pokemon Gym Leaders, Champions, Vi...by Superbuddy200
So many shipping's.
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  • shippings
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Pokespe Short Stories by lolz_____random
Pokespe Short Storiesby lolz_____random
We all know the Dexholders lives are full of drama and adventure. The question is, how much of it is untold? In this collection of short stories, you'll find tales from...
  • agencyshipping
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  • pokemonspecial
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School, Dating, and Saving the World by 13thLegend
School, Dating, and Saving the Wor...by Legend
The Dex Holders have time to save the world, but what about their everyday lives? Includes one shots. Disclaimer: 13thLegend does not own Pokespe, the cover, or any of t...
  • kanto
  • johto
  • unova
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Pokémon Shippings by wowjennawow
Pokémon Shippingsby jennugh
Information, screencaps, fan art, and my opinions on pairings from the Pokémon universe! Cover made by me.
  • pokemonanime
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  • pokemonadventures
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Pokémon Special One-shots by FlyTakai
Pokémon Special One-shotsby FlyTakai
After reading a bunch of one-shot collections I decided to make my own! Disclaimer: I don't own Pokémon Special or any of the art If you want you can request ships but d...
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You and I. Together - A Pokéspe fanfiction by FountainPencil
You and I. Together - A Pokéspe fa...by Fountain & Pencil
A new student called Green Oak gets introduced to Red's class. They become great friends and Green starts to develop a crush on Red, but there is a small problem. Luckil...
  • pokemonadventures
  • originalshipping
  • fanfiction
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Storyjumpers (a pokespe fanfiction) by lolz_____random
Storyjumpers (a pokespe fanfiction)by lolz_____random
"It was originally made to test the dexholders athletic and mental level yet it has come to serve another purpose; To transport us to where we'll gather the ingredi...
  • silver
  • franticshipping
  • pokemonspecial
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Shattered Glass: A Pokespe Fanfic by KitkatChan
Shattered Glass: A Pokespe Fanficby Maki best girl
"It wasn't fair, how they all broke apart and she stayed together." ~ Moon, the female dexholder from Alola, has witnessed the downfall of her seniors from o...
  • eclipseshipping
  • pokespe
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Lunar Arrows - Deliveryshipping by TheAmourUmbreon
Lunar Arrows - Deliveryshippingby Rash
Sun Taiyono is a spy who has made revenge on the people who killed his parents. For three years and four months, he's been working as a spy and wants to quit. But before...
  • pokemonspecial
  • pokespe
  • alola
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Pokemon Oneshots! by mawile_xoxo
Pokemon Oneshots!by • calla •
This is a book of oneshots, short stories, songfics and drabbles revolving around the PokeSpe characters! Although many of them will be about the main shippings, I may a...
  • ruby
  • agencyshipping
  • green
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Pokespe T or D by O-OElesia-chanO-O
Pokespe T or Dby AERIN*起承轉結
Yes!My first book!Join Elesia in her mansion for some T or D!
  • fanfiction
  • truth
  • dare
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Pokespe oneshots by starryblaze
Pokespe oneshotsby Black is dead and so am I
This is what happens when opposites truly come together. Fate changes it all.
  • pokespeoneshots
  • franticshipping
  • oldrival
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Originalshipping Drabbles by grav3yardfelix
Originalshipping Drabblesby Maddy
This is a collection of originalshipping one-shots. Feel free to make suggestions! Cover Art: http://niko-draws.tumblr.com
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The 5th Element »»Pokespe AU«« by raizannedyanramos
The 5th Element »»Pokespe AU««by Shikaki Miku
Fire.Water.Earth.Air. that's what all people know: only 4 elements exist...but there are two more. The 5th and the Forbidden Fire warms the world Earth forms the world W...
  • pokemon
  • adventure
  • fantasy
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