Hip Hip Hooray, It's Pokemon Day

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Lee: We were never the sort for fillers

Admin: You have a chapter called filler. Literally.

Lee: But today we couldn't resist.

Legend: After all, today is ...

Everyone: Pokemon Day!!!

Candy: The great February 27th!!!


Zoey: And yes, this is an actual filler.

Red: Wow, I feel so old. Twenty years, huh ...

Blue: I know, but you know what they say. Like fine wine-

Green: -you're involved in illegal transactions.

Blue: *vein throb* As I was saying, like fine wine I age well. *blows a kiss to the readers*

-crickets chirp-

Moon: *whispers loudly* She serious?

Crystal: Blue, we're all under aged.

Blue: Not relevant.

Legend: *looks deep into the readers' eyes* Don't drink, kids. It don't end well.

Admin: Funny, though. Aren't most of your readers older than you?

Legend: ...

Lee: Oh Arceus, here it comes!

Legend: *scream-sings* And we'll stay young forever~

Moon: Forever more~

Gold: Those aren't even the right lyrics-

Moon: *sends Gold to the ninth planet*

Pluto: Ruff!

Mickey Mouse: Here boy!

Zoey: Pluto isn't a planet.

Moon: Never said it was Pluto.

Lee: Okay folks, let's get going. We're not doing any dares-

Live Studio Audience: Aw ....

Lee: But we'll still be back soon.

Admin: Once again-

Everyone: Happy Pokemon Day!!!

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