Maid Costumes + King Game

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Legend: Hello, everybody!

--crickets chirp--

Legend: It's good to be here!

--wind blows--

Legend: Hello?

Moon: Hey! Welcome back!

Legend: Where's everybody?

Moon: They're waiting for Green to come back from space.

---Ten minutes later---

Everybody: *comes back all charred*

Legend: O.o

Moon: o.O Wha-

Admin: Don't ask.

Moon: O-okay.

Legend: Introducing, BW2!

Black: BW

White: 2?!

Rakutsu: Hello, ladies. ;)

Faitsu: I-it's a pleasure to meet you.

Legend: BTW, I don't really know their personalities, so I'll go with what I know. If you know anything about the arc, please tell!!!

Zoey: Why would you put characters you don't know in a story?

Admin: Who're you?!

Zoey: It's me, Bookie!

Admin: O.O

Crystal: Great. Now we have another Gold. And aren't there supposed to be at least three?

Rakutsu: That loser Hugh couldn't come. He's such a stickler for the rules!

Gold: I feel you dude. I feel you.

Rakutsu: Not to mention his whole revenge thing against Team Plasma!

Faitsu: *twitches*

White: ?

Gold: I know!

Silver: *glares*

Gold: I mean, totally understandable!!! Revenge is the new black!

Black: I feel insulted for some reason.

Zoey: Next dares from *drumroll* me! ^.^ I dare all the boys to dress up a maids and serve the girls,do whatever they say ( THEY CANT SAY NO EVEN IF ITS EMBARRESSING)

Legend: And change! *giant puff of smoke*

Green: Can I go back in space?

Moon: No.

Ruby: These dresses are hideous!

Emerald: That's what you care about?! This is demeaning!

Pearl: Missy, please don't look.

Platina: Okay. *turns around*

Faitsu: Is this normal?

Blue: Strangely, yes.

Rakutsu: *thinks* I never had to do this even in the International Police. The things I do for my job ...

Admin: He's part of the- *mouth gets covered by Legend*

Sapphire: Part a the what?

Legend: Please don't tell. That's pretty much all I know about him.

Sapphire: What is it?!

Zoey: Serve the girls now.

Gold: Never in a mill-

Crystal: Say you're a pervert.

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