Yay! Dares!

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Legend: And we're back! Hello pokefans!

Ruby: Who are you talking to?

Legend: T-the r-readers...*backs away from Ruby*

Ruby: ?

Legend: Now time for the dares!

Pearl: How do you have dares already?! You published this yesterday!

Legend: I have my ways...Now let's start! Our first dares are from MoonlightStarlights :

CONGRATS ON MAKING A T OR D!!!! I dare Red and Green, Gold and Silver, Diamond and Pearl, to see all the yaoi for them.

Platina: Pearl, what's yaoi?

Pearl: Well, Platina, it's uh, um, it's a shipping where you...um...

Blue: For crying out loud! It's when you ship two boys together!

Platina: Yes, and what is a ship?

Dexholders: -.-'

Legend: The methods of shipping can include creating images of two characters a fan wishes to be shown in a loving relationship with one another or writing fan fiction stories on web-based boards in this same context. Shipping can involve virtually any kind of relationship: from the well-known and established, to the ambiguous or those undergoing development, and even to the highly improbable or blatantly impossible. One "rule" of shipping states that if more than one person ships a couple it is a rightful 'ship'.

Platina: Thank you.

Gold: You obviously got that from the Google.

Legend: *whacks Gold on the head* I did not! (I got it from Wikipedia ;3) Now onto the dare. *magically makes a bunch of pictures appear*

Ruby: *picks one up* MY EYES! MY EYES!

Crystal: Are they really that bad? *looks at one* I think I'm gonna be sick...

Silver: ...

Gold: Don't worry they can't be that bad *picks up one* See?

Legend: That's cause DiamondxPearl is a much more innocent shipping than Original and PreciousMetal.

Red: PreciousMetal? Original?

Legend: Original is RedxGreen. PreciousMetal is GoldxSilver. See? *shows pictures*

Girls: *blush*


Legend: Okay, sheesh. *makes pictures disappear* You know, you aren't as shocked as I thought you be...

Blue: Ah! That's sorta my fault...

Legend: I don't want to know. Now, next dare from my friend xdivineluckx :

I dare Ruby to kiss Legend :3 <3...XD ~ Admin

Sapphire: What!?

Legend: Now before we jump to conclusions, notice that xdivineluckx never said where.

Sapphire: So!?

Legend: So Ruby can just kiss my hand or something.

Ruby: Ah, okay. *kisses Legend's hand*

Legend: *slightly blushes*

Sapphire: *fumes*

Legend: Now say the disclaimer before Sapphire tries to kill me!

Dexholders: 13thLegend does not own Pokèmon Special Adventures.

Legend: And don't forget to comment! Adios!

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