1K Genderbends and Beautys

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Legend: Oh...

Admin: What is it this time?!

Emerald: Where's Lee?

Moon: Not here, thank Arceus.

Legend: My...

Aqua: The suspense is killing me...

Legend: Arceus!!! *does a happy dance*

Lee: Thank you, everyone! You're the best!!

Moon: You're still here?!

Legend: *starts crying*

Platina: What is the matter?

Legend: I'm so happy!!

Lee: Me too!! *throws cupcakes in the air*

Diamond: Yummy!!

Zoey: Will you tell us what's so exciting?

Legend: 1K views!!!

Gold: Yeah!!

Lee: Time for dares!!

Gold: No!!

Aqua: Yeah! *does ballet*

Everyone: O.O

Crystal: Get the torture over with already...

Aqua: Say the magic word.

Crystal: *throws pokeballs with Abra, Cadabra, and Alakazam in them*

Aqua: Fine then! I'll never tell you the dares!

Dexholders: Yeah!

Zoey: Dares from SooNaSic.

I dare red and yellow to play as beauty and the best andsleeping beauty,I dare all the pokespe with the same gender excepts the authors

Aqua: Zooeey!

Zoey: I want to get out of here as soon as possible.

Rakutsu: I don't!

Faitsu: Traiter.

Blue: How ironic.

Admin: Oh I ge- Wait, how do YOU know?

Blue: Do you doubt my hacking skills?

Admin: No, sir.

Blue: Sir?! *legally changes Admin's name to ???*

???: Change it back!!

Blue: No.

????: You stole my name!!

???: Who're you?!

????: I'm the real ????!!!

???: What parent names their kid that?

????: Why you- *tackles ???*

Green: Change it. It's confusing.

Yellow: He's right.

Blue: Fine...*legally changes ???'s name to Admin*

????: *disappears*

Admin: Thank you!

Legend: *coughs*

Admin: Do you have something to say?

Legend: I'm sick?

Lee: *sneezes* Me too.

Gold: Only idiots catch cold.

Lee 'n Legend: Hey! *tie Gold up*

Zoey: *coughs*

Moon: You too?

Ruby: It's an epidemic! *sprays hand sanitizer*

Black: My eyes!

White: It stinks! Get strawberry scented!

Zoey: SooNaSic continued-

except yellow because she is innocent and lyra too btw can i donate my pokemon diancie keldoe mewtwo zekrom yvetal and raiku because i know they are in good hands

Aqua: Do you have no loyalty whatsoever?!

Zoey: Yup.

Moon: Genderbends!


Everyone: Shiitake mushrooms.

Rakutsu: If I could hit on myself, I would. (actually disgusted)

Blue: I'm hot!

Diamond: Wow, Senior Yellow and Senior Silver, I can't tell the difference.

Yellow: *cries*

Green: Yellow didn't change.

Silver: *death glares Dia*

Diamond: *disintegrates*

Pearl: Dia!

Lee: *brings back Dia*

Legend:Sleeping beauty! Beauty and the Best!

Gold: I get it! Red is the best because he's Champion and Yellow is beauty!

Crystal: Beast. It's Beast, not best.

Everyone: Best is better.

Lee: How does it go? I've only seen the Disney movie.

Legend: Big Hero 6!

Hiro: Yeah, that was awesome.

Admin: Get out of here!! *sends Hiro to the Netherworld*

Pakman: It's not really that bad...

Admin: *sends Pakman to the Netherlands*

Netherlands: Why are you sending him to me?

Admin: Darn you spellcheck!! And who names a Character a country?!

Hetalia Creator: Excuse me!

Rory Landon: Thank you! Why do Characters have weird names!?

Admin: You're just doing this to torture me, aren't you?

Legend: Beauty and the Beast!

Red:Er, I'm Beast?

Yellow: I'm Beauty, and I like animals. I my father sent me to the Beast's castle in exchange for a rose.

Green: If Red wasn't so good at battling, he'd be useless.

Sapphire: Act, act yer lines!

Pearl: Is it just me, or is her accent getting thicker?

Emerald: I think it is...

Blue: Don't narrate! Act!

Moon: Sleeping Beauty's probably better...

Yellow: *snores*

Blue: *facepalms*

Red: Ergh... *swings sword*

Gold: Watch it! You're gonna poke someone's eye out!

Black: Or decapitate them!

White: What he said!

Crystal: Who in their right mind gives RED a sword? It's like giving Green a gun...

Lee: There's actually a video where he has one. And Green also has a gun!

Crystal: Oh Arceus...

Aqua: Here's my Pokemon. *hands them over to Legend*
Legend: I know just what to do! :D

-One Chasing Montage Later-

Aqua: I regret giving you my Pokemon!

Admin: I regret being here!

Zoey: I regret not saying this at the start. 13thLegend does not own Pokémon or any other fandom. Thank you.

Blue: You're ending it!?

Legend: Sorry for another short!

Lee: Don't forget to comment!

Moon: And vote if you like it!

Legend: See ya!

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