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Legend: Welcome! This is the crossover chapter! We decided to just do everybody!

Admin: I just asked for MLP!

Moon: And I asked for Pokemon Anime!

Legend: You two were the only ones that commented! I had to do something!

Bookie: You could've been patient and waited for more people to comment!

Faitsu: When are we gonna appear?

Y: Whenever someone asks for us.

X: *mumbles* I hope it's never.

Admin: What is with the one letter names?!

TwilightSparkle: I know!

Rainbowdash: Don't be such a stiff, Twilight.

Tris: Someone say Stiff?

Legend: What's with those names?

Admin: They're interesting and describe the person! Yours describe eye color!

Moon: That's not true!

GameRed: ...

Red: My counterpart's creepy...

GameGreen: Isn't he?! XD

Green: My counterpart's like Gold.

GameGold: I am sorry for all the trouble my counterpart may have caused.

Gold: You think you got it bad?! Mine's a goody-two shoes!

PercyJackson: Where are we?

Leo: It's a purple horse! XD *lights on fire*

Crystal: Great, three Golds.

Jimmy: My counterpart's got zero badges?

Crystal: Make it four.

Ash: Awesome! I'm champion!

Red: Thanks?

Yellow: How come I have no counterpart?

Artemis (YoungJustice): Is this girl my counterpart?

Annabeth: Is she mine?

Ruby: Ew! Some of these people are filthy!

Sapphire: Some are carrying swords!

GameBrandon: So they're basically us...

GameMay: With our personalities switched...-.-'

AnimeMay: Yay! I always wanted a brother!

Max: What about me? :(

AnimeMay: An older brother.

AnimeDrew: Sure he's not a sister? Where's my counterpart?

MangaWally: I'm *cough* here.

Legend: First question! Dex holders only!

Moon: MANGA Dex holders only.

AnimeDawn: Aw...

GameLucas: It should be all of us!

GameHilda: Yeah, punk!

Everyone: *backs away from GameHilda*

PercyJackson: I found Clarisse's counterpart!

Legend: Here's the question, and it's from ME: If you were a demigod, who would be your godly parent? And if you had a superpower, what would it be?

Red: Athena? And the elements

Blue: Yeah right. I'd be Hecate and transformation.

Platina: That makes no sense.

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