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i encourage a listen before you read
this final chapter.
the story will now connect with this song.

the crowd took violet by surprise, that was for sure.

three years ago the band maxed out at six hundred seats. and yet there she stood, within a crowd of easily tens of thousands of them.

she felt almost proud as she looks around. seeing what they had become, her heart stung in happiness.

still, with her tickets, she had gotten a spot within the pit. standing amongst a mixture of teenage girls and others her age looking for a good time.

violet supposed her nerves didn't go until she watches the blonde girl, with a slinged guitar to her back, come out. ayla looked much of the same, somewhat of longer hair than before. but still the same smile flashes as she waves to the screaming crowd.

soon after, the rest come out. violet waits anxiously to see his face. standing stone in the center of a jumping, yelling crowd.

hes comes out last, walking to the middle of the stage like he always did.

violet couldn't explain it, couldn't explain the feeling. her breath hitches in her throat. taken back as he stares to his wandering eyes.

all of the sudden, she was back to being eighteen years old. standing in the crowd quietly in hopes that he meets her eyes. but much like the first concert of theirs she attended, there wasnt a chance that he would see her in the chaos.  

"hello new york! how are you guys doing tonight?"

she stood dumbfounded, not expecting how big of an effect his voice pushed on her. it was deeper, but still held the nostalgia.

"we're going to open tonight with one you probably know, so feel free to sing along. but uh, i wrote this about two years ago about something that happened to me that hit me pretty hard. which is saying quite a bit because if youve listened to our other songs, they're pretty much nonsense."

laughter abrupts around the large crowd, causing violet to smile lightly. she knew the song much too well.

"anyway, this song means a lot to me and i hope it finds some sort of place for you too. this is, feeling vacancy."

it was a big line, again, bigger than she expected.

purposefully, violet stood at the end of the line filled by fans wanting nothing more than a picture and an autograph.

the entire time, she watches the band feet in front of her. greeting the people kindly that come up to ask them personal questions.

she stares to the ground, hands almost shaky as she stands by herself. she wished she had invited william; for he seemed to know what was best for her in how to settle her down.

a remaining couple stands tall in front of her, luckily with her head down she was able to push the nerves away until she was simply the only one left.

her head raises as the couple passes her in giddy excitement.

she sees the back of finn, but only for a split second as malcolm notices her almost instantly.

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