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violets heart thought it had been broken by finn. she thought that, up until that point, it had been shattered so many times by that one boy; that she lost count.

but the truth was, nothing broke her like it had that day. the day that suddenly she watched him smile a genuine smile towards someone else.

it may have hurt from the affection shown to another; but more importantly it was that she could never earn that kind of smile from him. at least not since the day they had met.

it was the morning after their big concert. the band wakes up early within the downtown hotel. it was curtesy of the venue; an upscale hotel that would probably top any hotel in their whole music career.

they had together agreed that breakfast in the lobby was what sounded best. and violet agreed, until her scrappy leather boots, that she still held onto; stepped into the brightened lobby.

it all hit her so fast; the memories of the first night she had met her friends. the way finn had looked at her that day; how kind they were to each other.

she takes a seat next to finn at the table, although there held a hefty gap between them. jack notices; urging to call out a joke to embarrass the couple.

"whats wrong, finn? did violet not give you any last night?"

finns eyebrows raise as the other laugh lightly. the couple looks at each other. violets cheeks heating in red.

"no actually, we're on a break."

her eyebrows furrow, looking to finn surprised.
"we are?"

"we are." he states, staring to the others as they abruptly stop laughing.

"shoot finn, i'm sorry man. i didn't know." jack apologizes.

"i didn't either." violet mumbles, causing awkwardness to spread within the group.

a bell attached to the front of the lobby door dings with a presence coming in. finn watches past aylas head at the girl that walked through the door.

the tall, blonde, lengthy girl glances around until her eyes land on the boring souls of finns. she smiles gently, earning one back from him.

violet supposes that it was in that moment that her heart shattered into a million pieces. falling out onto the table on a silver platter.

but why?

perhaps it wasn't the smile, but the look in his eyes. the look that he hadnt given her in so long; but threw it out there to a stranger that walked through the door.

violet herself was once a stranger that walked through the door.

no, that was what hurt the most.

violet stares spaced out to her plate on the table as malcolm clears his throat. finns attention turns toward his friend; only to flip him off.

malcolms eyes roll at the childish gesture before directing to violet within the silence. it causes finn to glance over at the sad look across her face.

"im actually, not very hungry so." violet stands, pushing the chair back to its spot.
"im going to head up to the room to pack."

"okay vi..." ayla smiles sweetly to her in pity. waiting for violet to leave the room completely until she spoke up.
"finn, what the hell?"

"what?" he looks at her angry.

"what do you mean, what? what do you think?"

"violet and i are on a break."

"as of what? five minutes ago?"

"yeah man, you cant do that. she seemed so upset." jack tries to add in, but is only shot down by a glare from finn.

"look its not my fault that we aren't on good terms so why should i be the one feeling guilty?"

"what do you mean its not your fault? you're constantly mean to her." ayla let him have the truth; it caused his eyes to widen.

"why is everything automatically my fault? im not mean to her, fuck ive done everything for her without question since the day i met her."

"then whats the problem?"

"why dont you ask malcolm?"

the group falls quiet, all staring to the drummer as finns eyes glue to the table in front of him. arms crossed in anger.

"i- i dont know what he means." malcolm whispers truthfully.

"oh you dont?" finn looks at him as malcolm shakes his head no.
"violet was cheating on me, do you want to tell them who with, malcolm?"

the boy pushes up his glasses, taking a breath of annoyance.
"jesus finn, she wasn't cheating on you. we didn't even do anything."

"you went on a date."

ayla stares over to him wide eyed,
"jesus malcolm."

"it wasnt a date."

"what was it then?"

"dinner. to talk about you." malcolm glares at his friend, starting to get irritated with finns demeanor.

"you knew id be pissed, and you sent her home in your jacket. you did it on purpose, i know violet ran her mouth to you about how upset i would be."

"what you think i listened to violets problems just to spite you?"

"hang on." ayla interferes, stopping the argument.
"finn, it sounds like this doesn't have much to do with malcolm as it does violet."

"what do you mean?" his eyebrows furrow.

"violet knew you'd be mad but asked malcolm to dinner anyway. like she did it just to cause problems."

"yeah, i know. thats why i don't understand why looking at another girl is a fucking crime."

ayla nods, taking in all that she had learned. for she was starting to wonder if she had been sticking up for the wrong person that entire relationship.

malcolm knew he should have spoken up, to tell them that it wasnt violets intention in the least. but finally at that point the negative attention was off of him and he didnt want any more to come.

violet would never forgive him for that.

"do you think shes going to leave?" aylas eyes flicker up to the tall boy across the table from him.

"no." finn shakes his head, for they had been through much worse and knew things would blow over in a matter of weeks.
"but i wish she would."

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