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violet cage was indeed a morning person.

she was up almost every single day just in time to watch the sun rise out of the ground.

today however, there was no sunrise. and ironically, violet had never been happier.

she had fallen asleep just under four hours, but she felt as if she had slept an eternity.

last night, there was no tossing or turning. but a renovation. a needed, useful one.

quietly, violet walks her cold feet to the tiles of the bathroom floor. her brown hair lies everywhere, scissors set on the counter right where she had left them last night. she knew she had to clean it up, but seeing it lying lifelessly on the floor filled herself in warmth.

confidence wasn't something she showed outside of herself. but truthfully, she had hated the way she was starting to get out of control.

last night she had made the decision to take the rusted scissors left in the drawer of the bathroom, and let a majority of her scraggly hair die off to the floor. currently, her hair lies just at her shoulders. healthy and choppy.

a long shower was an anomaly for her, finally completely clean, it had been months since she felt that feeling.

and last but not least, she sobbed for over an hour. letting out all of her frustrations with herself. she hated what she had fallen into. and living out in vulnerability, she denied herself to cry. for months.

and waking up in the morning, collecting the piles of hair and dropping it into the waste basket, she was happy.

she takes her old clothes from the shower, the clothes she had scrubbed with bar soap until her hands burned with friction. they remained cold, but dry.

she takes off the cotton white robe she found in the closet, pulling her ripped clothes onto her body once more.

it had been months, years much so, that violet had felt contempt with herself. and finally, finally that was it.

she waited eagerly for the sound of a door to close out in the hallway. she knew it was still early, and they had a late night. but she was starving, and didn't like being alone.

she waited for a half an hour, hearing several doors close, each and every time she'd peak out of the peep hole planted in her door, only to be let down.

finally, she hears another door close, a group of laughter follow after it. it was them, and she was eager to not be a burden to keep them waiting.

she shut the lights off, opening her door before they even got the chance to knock.

they all stare at one another in silence for a moment, an instant smile planted across finns lips. all surprised expressions staring at the new profound girl.

"wow violet you look-" jack shakes his head.

it was an utter shock, a completely new girl with an attitude that only hinted with shyness rather than consumed it. they all we're brutally confused with what went down in her hotel room last night.

"you look great, vi" finn stammers out.

ayla shoves finn in his back playfully.
"don't fall too hard boys, we haven't even had breakfast yet."

malcolm politely leads them down the hall, walking with violet by his side. much like the others, he found violet stunningly interesting. so different, like a different species.

"the breakfast is crap here, but its free" he makes small talk with her.

"i dont mind" she shrugs, "ive been up for hours, i'll eat anything at this point."

"did you sleep well?" malcolm eyes down at her, standing inches from her height.

"the best in a while, actually" she admits.

they sit down together at a round table, she sits herself between finn and ayla, following them up to the buffet of overcooked powdered eggs and a rusted waffle maker.

she doesnt go overboard, only taking a few things and sitting herself down. she found that although she was starving, she'd get sick with a full plate.

"so did you do it with a knife?"

violets eyes widen as she looks up at the blonde haired boy sitting across from her.

"your hair" jack corrects.

"oh" she smiles gently, pushing her food around with her plastic fork.
"scissors, they were rusted but, i was a but eager for a change. i had been waiting for a time to do it."

"so violet" finn speaks from besides the girl.
"we have to go back today to the warehouse to pack up the rest of our things in our van, to get ready to leave tomorrow. i was thinking maybe you and ayla could go out and hit some shops. i'll give you my card."

"i'll take your card either way." ayla chuckles, earning a smile from the rest.

finn hoped desperately that the girl would comply, it was the only thing left he felt he could help her with. to get warm clothes and some things to make it through the cold weather. ayla had agreed earlier. finn was always grateful for her kindness.

"i don't know, i don't want to be a burden."

"you're not" ayla interjects.

"no, not at all violet. we like hanging out with you." finn nods, she expected to hear that from him. she didn't expect the rest to agree afterwards.

she hesitates, staring down at the remainder of the food on her plate. she was in such a warm place, that leaving it tomorrow would leave her devastated.
"sounds great."

finn smiles, pulling his wallet out from his pocket, taking out his metallic blue credit card and handing over to violets shaky hands. permanently stained with dirt no matter how long her shower had been.
"theres no limit, so dont be afraid to buy what you want."

violet meets the kind smile given off from the boy that trusted her with so much.

"does that mean i can use it too?" ayla teases, smiling over to finn.

"not a chance tesler mabe."

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