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"violet i'm home."

the girl sits quietly on the living room floor; cross legged as she stares down to the pictures sprawled across the carpet.

finn meets her within the warm room, glancing around in the darkness that surrounded his entire house. the tv illuminates as the only light source around them.

"are my parents not home yet?"

her head shakes silently, eyes still to the good memories.

the long legged boy sits down next to her; leaning over violets shoulder, taking in her honey scent.
"what are these?"

"pictures" she whispers,
"from our last tour."

"how come i've never seen these?" he smiles, holding the film between his fingers.

"i just got them developed yesterday."

"are you okay, vi?" he looks over to her; his finger pulling her chin to look at him gently.

she nods; pressing her lips on his softly.

finn knew there was something wrong, he just couldn't bring himself to put her in the position to ask again.

"how was your day?" violet gathers the pictures to a stack.

he groans, hand over his head as he lays back to the carpet.
"i've never been happier to come home and see you, thats for sure."

"that bad?"

"they've been trying to kick us out now that our contract is up; so i had to talk to our agent and sign with a different company- anyway." he sighs, sitting up to wrap his arms around her.
"it doesn't matter anymore because i'm with you now."

violet sits silently; a hundred thoughts in her head as she sits stiff in finns hold.

"how was your day?" he asks.

she shrugs,
"it was fine, i guess."

his head lifts from her shoulder; staring concerned at the girl.
"you can tell me if somethings going on, violet."

"i want to go back to school."

"oh." his eyebrows raise.
"where did that idea come from?"

"its just always been on my mind since i quit almost two years ago. i'm nearing twenty years old and i still don't have an education."

"you dont need an education to be in the band."

"yeah but the bands not forever, finn."

his eyebrows trace together in confusion; staring at the girl in disbelief.
"what are you talking about?"

"come on, i know that you know your band is only for a few years or so. you'll hit a peak and crash just like any other band."

"well i'm sorry i couldn't provide you with something stable."

"thats not what i meant, you know i'm grateful for everything you've done for me."

"clearly not, violet."

"why are you so against me going to school?"

"i'm not i just don't think its the right thing to do."

"malcolm thought it was the right thing to do." violet mumbles the truth.

"malcolm? why is malcolm involved with this?" finn grows irritated, for he almost hated how much they favored each other now.

"he's not." she denies, knowing a fight was brewing.

"clearly he is. was he over here?"

she nods silently,
"earlier today."

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