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it was him again.

that boy that caught violets eyes in almost an instant. so ferociously curious of him that she barely could stay standing in her old black leathered boots.

violet, was an orphan. somebody who had made it eighteen years without an application for a family. she did as she pleased in the orphanage, sneaking out without a say so to be on her own. she did everything on her own,

crashed parties

sat in the park

went to movies

to carnivals

to concerts.

and almost as if with a timer, the day she legally turned with age she was kicked out to be homeless. living under a highway overpass for months. she didn't mind it, for by now she called it home.

today, she had hopped the fence of another event. a concert. it wasn't the first time she laid her eyes on them. just under a year ago she had been at the fair, bumping into a boy who had very little idea of where he was going. she didn't give him directions, she wasn't any help to him. but for whatever reason, their five second interaction held onto her like a sin. and she was back to watch him perform with his band.

she had yet to know much about him, most of him, rather. however from the year before she dropped out of senior year highschool, she had uncovered the bare minimum of his name and his age.

she knew his name was finn.

she knew he was seventeen, although she didnt mind that she was a year older.

and she knew that tonight was the night that she'd find a way to talk to him, despite being swarmed by hundreds of go lucky girls craving him equally.

she kept her eyes locked with his within the pit, hoping that maybe, maybe, he would meet hers, recognize them, find her after the show and invite her home. it was naive, and far from the truth.

there she stood for two hours. she stood until the smoke cleared away with the screams of the girls, and everyone was gone. comforting with being completely alone in the ghostly echos of the dirty warehouse. there were signs of absolutely no one, but she had to find out.

violet makes her way to the stage, hopping herself up onto the platform with grains of dirt stuck to her hand. her shoes echo on the surface, pushing themselves past a black heavy curtain. they carry her back stage, where much off all is quiet but the stage managers cleaning up on the opposite side of the building.

she looks around at the emptiness. unbothered at being out in the open within the ill lit walkway. she was more than likely not able to be seen by the surrounding crew, in fact she wasn't, barely at all.

in front of her, a heavy metal door swings open, wafting all of the winter canada air to her face. she remains still, watching the curly headed boy as he looks down, shielding his face from the cold.

"mark can we get some water? we're all out in the van- oh." finally, he looks up to see her. finally.


"yeah" he looks around for security. violet knew, she was unphased, he wouldn't have much luck.
"i'm not sure you're allowed to be back here."

finn speaks slowly, staring so harshly at the girl that his glance came off cold. he saw hundreds of people each day but he knew her. he knew her from somewhere.

"look i'm not going to rape you and steal your clothes as a momento." she speaks bluntly,
"i just want to let you know that your music is really something. and that i'm sorry that i'm shit at directions."

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