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"hey, vi." finn walks through his bedroom door, snow coating his jacket covered shoulders and curly hair.

"finn" she stands quickly to meet him.
"i was starting to worry, you were gone for a while."

"im sorry" he apologizes sincerely, looking to her cold green eyes caringly.
"its crazy out there, last minute shoppers. and the roads."

she grins lightly, brushing the snow off his shoulders to melt to the carpeted floor.
"you must be freezing."

"yeah" he chuckles, grabbing her warm hand with the both of his frozen, red hands.

she freezes in her tracks, studying his face carefully. his nose red from the cold, his lips spread into smile, lightly chapped from the cold.

they stand like that for a while, her hand in his. their eyes glued together in silence. such a comfortable silence it was.

finn hadn't felt anything like it, nothing so settling and warm despite being cold. he never wanted to let her go. he'd stay like that forever if he could.

"what would you like to do tonight, violet cage?" he whispers, a teasing demeanor scrambles out unintentionally.

"whatever you want." she speaks, not able to pull her hand from his comfort.

"hmm" he hums, looking past her in thought. eyeing the grocery bag on the ground that he had previously set down when he walked in, then back to her.

she meets her eyes to it too,
"what is it?"

"maybe, some stuff to do tonight?" he shrugs.

violet smiles at his gesture, pulling her hand from his, and picking the bag up. she walks to the bed with it, finn following behind her.

she pulls out soft pajamas, christmas themed that just so happened to look as if they'd fit her. she sets them to the blankets, smiling down at it. pulling a few christmas movies and sweets from the bag.

she stares down at them expressionless. eventually glancing up to finns smiling face.

"finn, this is really kind. but-"

"i know. you don't like me buying you stuff. but i like to, so just, let me for a while until you can return the favor."

truthfully, this was a gesture that beat everything he had given her so far. give or take getting her off the streets. because she had dreamt of a christmas like this since she was a kid in the empty foster home.

she stares at him, deciding if she truly would do what she had the urge to do. she cared about him so much, and owed everything to him. maybe that was why. maybe she would say that she was in love with him because he was the first one that showed what it was like to be cared about. regardless, she wouldn't figure it out for years afterwards.

she reaches her arms around his shoulders, pulling his cold clothing to her warm skin. breathing the smell of relief and comfort as he wraps his arm around her waist into a hug.

typically, for violet it would have been something quick, an awkward thank you that they both would brush off as no big deal.

however, this occasion had lasted just as long as the event previously. taking in the warmth of each other in, holding onto one another so tightly. it felt so needed by the both of them.

violets lips rest to his shoulder, standing tall just to make it that far.

"if im honest, violet. id give you the world if i could."

"i dont want the world" she pulls from him, still keeping her body close, her hands meeting his tall shoulders.
"i want this."

"then its yours. as long as you want." truthfully, he would leave his band, everything he loved. he'd leave it all for the girl he'd just met.

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